PS4: No Streaming Media Sharing (DLNA)?? Wha???

The ULTIMATE Frequently Asked Questions for North America brought to you buy the PlayStation.Blog.
The ULTIMATE Frequently Asked Questions for North America brought to you buy the PlayStation.Blog.

There has been a lot of shit-slinging in the past months between Sony and Microsoft. Mostly because of policies that Microsoft intended on implementing into their new XBONE console upset their consumers and the company ended up giving in to the consumers' demands. After the community lashed back at Microsoft over things like not being able to use used games and Kinect's mandatory plug-in policy, the company quickly corrected the issues. It looks like Sony, the company that has been goading Microsoft recently after it's continued backpedaling in the recent months, might be doing some backpedaling soon. (* I guess, at least Sony documents the points at which they might backpedal by marking them with an *.)

According to the's "PS4: The Ultimate FAQ - North America,"

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This means that you will NOT be able to use your PS4 as a streaming box at launch. Of course, Sony did mark their caveat at the bottom, but we know that a simple little asterisk is no match for a seething internet fanboy. I think that this decision is a bad revelation one week before launch. It's bad mojo. Consumers will not be able to use MP3s, or audio CDs of any kind on the system. The system will allow in game playback using the Sony proprietary music service Music Unlimited.

I don't know how many people bought into Microsoft's Zune Marketplace approach to digital entertainment. I know that the movies that they sold did very well for them, but I am not sure how many people pay for the service or just rent on a per product basis. But, I do know that Microsoft would love to pull Windows Media Player out of the XBONE. (Shit! I never got it to work on my XBox. I used Nullriver Software's Connect 360 and it always worked for me.) Microsoft would love to have everybody buy a la carte from their market place or buy into their monthly service.

I just hope that they provide these services at a reasonable price and that Sony keeps 'exploring possibilities.' Sony recently has been like Barack Obama when he became president five years ago, he rode into office on a wave of hopes and dreams. But, recently he has been fallin' off and those hopes and dreams that we all had are buried under debt and broken promises. Sony, too, looks to be falling towards the sea like Icarus. Don't be getting too close to the sun Sony. You might be swimming in the kiddie pool with Nintendo soon.