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Are you going to play?

EDIT: Desription of the Game:  
Digimon RPG is a free to play micro-transaction supported MMORPG in a setting based on that of the Digimon media franchise, specifically the Digimon Tamers anime. It is currently only available to play in South Korea, but fan-created English and Spanish translation patches exist. In addition Bandai and Digitalic are working on an official English version of the game that is planned for Global launch in March 2010 by WeMade Entretainment.    

Well March is here!  
As soon as I get home from work I'm playing this... 
I've seen videos on the game and although they are not the best graphics.. I am intrested to see how the gamplay will be like... 
I am a fan of the Digimon franchise (anime) but the games have never lived up to the hype, and if I remeber correctly the Digimon Tamers Anime had a card base battle system on the show (Call it Yu Gi Oh)... Maybe it will be applied on this MMORPG since it's based on that show! 
Are you going to play?