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E3: Kingdom Hearts might have Pixar Worlds in the future.

If you've played Kingdom Hearts then you know that the levels or "worlds" are in fact Disney movies. Most people speculate on which world will be used for the various KH games and most KH fans have asked for a Pixar world for so long...
I mean imagine Sora entering a world where he is an action figure, Donald is a wind up toy and Goofy becomes a plushy in a Toy Story world. Or Imagine Sora and company becoming monsters and taking Boo on a wild ride along side Mike and Sully in a Monsters Inc world. Or maybe even have Sora become a moon fish, Donald a duck fish and ironically Goofy a cat fish in a Finding Nemo world.
Well Nintendo World Report reports that Tetsuya Nomura (creator of the KH games) is considering Pixar worlds for future Kingdom Hearts games, in an E3 interview.

“I am aware of the fan requests for Pixar characters,” said the Square Enix director. “I will do my best. Maybe one day Pixar characters will be featured in the Kingdom Hearts series.”

So what Pixar world do you want to see?

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