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In Retrospect - Whiskey Media's Big Live Live Show: Live

Originally posted over at CV

 So I'm guessing this was
 So I'm guessing this was "Live" right?
Is Whiskey Media the best or what?
If you dare say or what I will have to strongly disagree with you (among other things) because today's 7-hour Big Live Live Show proves you wrong!
Today was one of those: "One Small Step for Man" moments, where the Whiskey Media takes "one giant leap" of internet entertainment where not only did the sites get an upgrade with the new features that are given to those who are willing to become a Paid Member which includes a whole lot of great stuff and also the new site Multi-Pass which allows you all to to have one account for all the Whiskey Media sites. Awesome right? 
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Comic Vine made homage to the Battle Threads by making their own battles on the spot, and also preforming a Preview Theater, doing the news segment and having a Comic Book Movie chat, all live. They also enlightened us with guest stars such as Tom Pinchuk, Matt Elfring, James Robinson and James Sime.

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Giant Bomb did not disappoint with all of the interviews, game play, music and more. It was so much that the only way to describe is by showing you the video (which I don't have!). You would think that highlight would probably be that the they were alongside people from Harmonix, used the Kinect to dance and rocked out with Rock Band 3 but the highlight was definitely Jean Baudin who played music on an 11 string bass. Awesome! 
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Screened disappointed in the most awesome way possible by streaming a movie; Denizen. Of course not only did we watch this bad horror movie but we got cometary from various staff members on different parts of the movies. Also some lucky users won original movie posters for free!!

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Tested was probably the most random event of the day as they took apart a PS3 and tested a sauna, a glove, some bacon, an dozen eggs, some glasses and the Rock Band instruments. I am not going say anything else because that is something you will have to awe about, by yourselves.
 Matt and Tom:
 Matt and Tom: "Long Live CV, GB, AV Screened and Tested"

 Live feed of the Block Party w/ Daniel Miesner, Ana, Will Smith and Rorie
 Live feed of the Block Party w/ Daniel Miesner, Ana, Will Smith and Rorie
It was a great day of content and after that they had a party in which they were happy to stream live for all of us who couldn't go. Yesterday I got some stitches on my toe so I can't walk, and I decided to continue watching all from the comfort of my bed. I've been watching the live feed of the party and got some pictures! 
They are all on my CV gallery! (I'll be updating it!)
  Also I tweeted this: 

sora_thekey : YEAH! I got my drunk shout outs on the Big Live Live Show Block Party from @ inferiorego @ TomPinchuk @ nchan and @ frailgesture! You are all awesome! 

...and I did I got a shout out from these guys during the Live stream! 
Thank You Whiskey Media for the awesome entertainment! Hopefully this whole show will be available later on for all of you who missed it! (and for all of use who want to see it again)  
EDIT: Watch the complete show here (On the last video I get a shout out from Rorie, Matt, Tom Pinchuk and Norm: 40:50 - 41:42 YEAH!)

-- Geo ( sora_thekey), long time user, blogger, wiki editor of the Whiskey Media Sites, and an all time geek!