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KH: Birth by Sleep Info and New Trailer

Here's some random info about the game's stoy.... This is all found in 
 This game seems so cool... This info goes along with the new trailer: 

-- “The future that will be opened with the keyblade...”
“The opening movie tells of the future”
“Hikari”, the first KH song, plays in the opening movie. Scenes that weave the story together are shown, and within them we can see somewhere that looks like “The place of awakening”. We see Terra and his friends go up against Xehanort, then fall. Does this show a fate that cannot be avoided?

“The charms they carry, will become their strength...”
“Why do those two fight?”
“Those who change the three heroes’ fate”
“The end of a cruel and heartless fight”
“The Kingdom Hearts glitters in the sky...”

-- “The feelings and bonds that head towards tragedy”
The scene that we can predict to be the climax of the story is shown. An uncountable number of keyblades are thrust into the earth as they go against Xehanort. This world’s name has yet to be revealed, it is a world we don’t yet know. Is this a place where many keyblade heroes died during the “Keyblade War”? There is a scene where Terra and Ven are with Xehanort, but why?

“The remains of the Keyblade War”
“The grave of the keyblades of past heroes”

Xehanort: “The remains of keyblades that took on the power of their masters”  

Ven’s Story
They are up against Xehanort. Does Ven know how strong he is? He entrusts his friends with his last wish, “Please kill me...” We can also see a scene where it looks as though he has been defeated by Xehanort. Then Xehanort says unmerciful words to him. We can also see a scene where Ven has vacant eyes, and he seems to be working with Xehanort...?    “Entrusting your friends with your future”

Ven: “I ask you this because you’re my friends.”

Xehanort: “Why couldn’t you forgive [someone] for going on a journey?”

Terra’s Story
Terra can feel there is something wrong with his friend’s heart, and he explodes with anger. He challenges Xehanort with an attack that “Lingering Sentiment” used in KHIIFM?

“Trouble in Terra’s heart”

Terra: “What did you do to his heart!”

Terra: (Land of Departure) “I’ll use my strength for my friends!”

Terra: “Did you call me, Master Xehanort?”

Aqua’s Story
Aqua fights alongside the King in a land of darkness. It looks as though they are fighting Xehanort and Vanitas, but we can’t see Terra or Ven anywhere. Where could they be?

“Fighting alongside the King against a difficult adversary”

Aqua: “Terra, Ven, lend me your strength”

Aqua: “I will not listen to your nonsense!”

Beneath Vanitas’ mask...
Master Xehanort’s apprentice, the masked boy Vanitas. He uses the keyblade well, and he has enough power to over power three people [I can’t tell whether this is talking about TAV or not.] but we don’t know what his true form is. But when he is up against Ven, his mask melts off, exposing his face to the day. And that face is...?

“Will a prophecy of the future come true?”
“Vanitas’ golden eyes pierce Ven”

Vanitas: “The being called “Terra” will disappear.”

-- “The King with join the fight, holding a keyblade!”
The King will also appear here with our three heroes. He is holding the Starseeker that he had in the KHIIFM secret movie, but we still don’t know what his motives are. We can also see a scene where he shows the “star fragment” to Ven, which he uses to travel between the worlds.

“The cry of the King’s heart”
“Led by the power of the stars...”

Mickey: “The keyblade isn’t something you use to hurt people!””

Mickey: “You [?] didn’t just get [here?] on a whim, you must have reacted to something and been led [here]” [sorry, can’t tell exactly who/what he is talking about here without more references.]

“Create new Commands by fusion”
“Command Charge” is a system where you can put two Commands together to create a new Command. You can access it any time from the menu. If you add in fusion materials during Charge, you can get special abilities.

You can fuse “Aerial Break Lv 3” + “Aero Lv 3” to get “Aera”. If you add a “charged crystal” you can get “Air Combo Plus”. If you add the “shiny crystal” you can add “Blizzard Guard”.

“Add the best abilities to your Commands.”

“You can also by ice cream!”
At Moogle Shops in all of the worlds you can buy Commands (and sell them as well.) And in the series first ice cream shop in Disney Town, you can gather materials and make your own ice cream. If you put the ice cream you’ve made into your Deck Command, you’ll be able to change immediately to the Style in the ice cream. It seems there are 7 kinds of ice cream?

The example shows “Volcano Curry” (if you use it you can change into Fire Blazer)

“The Moogle [is a?] hologram?”
“Get the Commands you want at a Moogle Shop!”
“Make your favorite ice cream!”

-- “Memories with friends you can never forget”
“Radiant Garden” is a world where many important characters in the series live. It has been revealed that Kairi and those who will become members of Organization XIII are here. This time we will introduce you to the two humans that look just like Axel an Saix. They look young, but you can imagine that this is how they would have looked as humans.

Lea: A mischievous boy who plays with a frisbee that has a fire symbol on it. He is characterized by his red hair that looks like fire. If you add an X to his name and switch the letters around it becomes “Axel”.

Isa: A cool and collected young man. You can tell that this is the human that would become Saix, but he doesn’t have the scar on his forehead at this time.

“Sounds like Axel”

Lea: “Got it memorized?”

Isa: “Well, at least we won’t forget [you?], in any case.”

Isa: “It seems [someone] is already prepared.”

-- Of course Winnie the Pooh will be here!
The world of “Winnie the Pooh”, “The 100 Acre Wood” will be appearing on the Command Board system. With the special “Honey Paradise” you will be able to take the pot of honey and gain BP.

“Pooh and Tigger face off!”