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Whiskey Media is Expanding... so Thank You for That!

I don't know if you've heard but the most recent addition to the Whiskey Media sites has launched:

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Well I wanted to take up this opportunity to talk about how awesome Whiskey Media is...
I've been a user on Comic Vine for almost 2 years now, I'm going to reach my one year mark this July as a user on Anime Vice and Giant Bomb, and well I've been a user on Tested since the begging.   
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I have to say that I completely blame Whiskey Media for the fact that I use the internet so much. I literally check all of the Whiskey sites before opening my e-mail every time I log into my laptop.
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The reason to this was because Whiskey Media was smart when making these sites. All the sites include all the qualities of a fun friend that makes me stay at a party I might be to tired to stay at has. They make it fun, funny, interesting, entertaining and even though I am out of adjectives I can assure you there are a lot more that can describe the sites.
So to the people who are doing Unscripted videos and writing articles to the people who spend their time on codes for the sites and who edit all those amazing features, I say: Thank You
So come up with your thank you to Whiskey Media guys, (Yeah I'm talking to you users) because they truly are: Makers of Fine Websites 

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If you like one of these site (any of them) go and join the others, I can assure you you will find something you will like there... 
and if you do, look me up:
- Comic
- Anime 
- Giant 
Thank you Whiskey Media for making my internet experience as awesome as it is now!