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  • soralapio posted a message on the post Giant Bomb x Spawn4Good: Brad Spelunks the Vote!.

    Great cause and a good video, but god damn the volume is insanely low. This would IMO be something in general for Giant Bomb to pay more attention to, because the volume levels are all over the place....

  • soralapio posted a message on the post Episode 277.

    I 100% believe Abby wasn't aware of the situation prior to inviting this person as a guest, but should this Bombcast _really_ be up on the site now that everyone's aware of what's going on? This is st...

  • soralapio posted a message in the forum topic [Amazon Fire TV + Android TV] The Giant Bomb Enthusiast App. on the General Discussion board

    Yeah, I think I have a similar problem. The search doesn't find older stuff. I've been trying to watch the Contradiction: Spot the Liar playdates, but searching for "Contradiction" or even "Playdate:...