Amateur game development and Unity

Most other students spend their summers lounging at the beach or sitting on terraces getting drunk. Me? I'll be spending my summer on game development. It's been an interest of mine since forever, but in the past year or so I finally decided to apply my skills and do something about it. "Space? Sheeeit." was our first game, created for a project course at our university. It was well received and the actual work was so much fun we couldn't stop there.
So we set our sights on Assembly 2010, one of the world's largest demo scene / LAN parties, held annually in Helsinki, Finland. Among their other, more traditional demo scene competitions Assembly also host a game development competition, which we're aiming for.  There are certain rules, chief among them the fact that the game must be published for the first time at Assembly, so we'll be in media blackout until the game goes live a couple of weeks before the party.
We're doing the game entirely in Unity, which we have some experience with and fondness for. It's not perfect and as we learned with our first game, can be more trouble than it should be, but for this type of game it really hits the mark. Handling assets, building scenes and prototyping is a delight. Once you get your head around Javascript (which it uses for scripting) the workflow is remarkably fast and you can crank out stuff in no time. 
As it currently stands, our game's engine is pretty much done. We have all the basic building blocks we need for a game and now we just need to, well, make the game. And that's what this blog will be about: I will periodically update this blog with the trials, tribulations and triumphs of amateur game development with Unity. Join me if that sounds good.
D ownload our first game, "Space? Sheeeit."
 And yes, that is a Clay Davis reference. One of many.