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WTF Villians

There is a moment where your Bond's villain revelation of his master plan is all worthy only because the insanity and/or stupidity of it. Note: This doesn't make them bad characters by default, but certainly doesn't help them in their cause.

List items

  • Assassin Creed is already a decent explanation of their incompetence. But is probably more amusing that I actually liked most of their dying quotes.

  • Actually, one of my favorite video game characters. And his WTF moments are part of his charm.

  • I love Boss, but his plan doesn't make much sense in the long and short run. At least he organized Vincent Weeding, he needs to regain the confidence of his costumers.

  • My English is as good as him :(

  • Bitc... Ah... You know the drill

  • Well... almost all the cast of NMH can be here, but she was the only one that actually freaked me out. Also, annoying and difficult boss fight make her more memorable as "THISISINSANEWTF"

  • I thought that Flex Mentallo and Catcher in the Rye already make a good case that Trolling is not a deep character trait. Interesting, sure, but not exactly amusing.

  • Oh Boy! His excuse give me a headache, but is nothing compared with...

  • This woman politics. Please, don't try a last minute political commentary in a game were F*** is a used every 5 seconds.

  • Admit it, you knew it.