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Is a Inception of possibilities to the sandbox genre 0

Before GTA and The Fast and the Furious there was Driver, a open world franchise were a cop tried to stop crime with vandalism and reckless driving, and it was good. But Tanner and Reflections could not compete with the young franchises of drivers so Driver as a franchise was in a creative coma.How can you fight with a franchise that did everything that you did first better? Well, just being yourself, a 80's or 70's buddy cop television series with a sudden magical realist season. Why be Grimm a...

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Charming experiment. But everything else is relative. 0

One side mission of GR is about encounter a Scientist searching for his wife in a twilight/phantom side dimension that is the result of a failed experiment to save the world of Hekseville; there is a lot of remorse in his words, but this remorse doesn't exist to me in this experimental game. This game maybe can't save the Vita but is a beautiful and charming place to lose yourself in the traversal of a floating Moebius like city where no everything is what it seems. Is a world full of mysteries ...

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