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GameRoom Woes

It's October 22, 2010 - exactly 3 days past the would be release of Game Pack 11. 
Game Pack 11 - the Game Pack that would hold the Jackal. 
But instead of the Jackal - we GameRoom faithful get jack. 
What could have possibly gone wrong with GameRoom? The idea was sound. Create a virtual arcade and release very old games for too much money. Fine. I'm in. 
A glitchy interface, waning support, craptastic games and now to top it all off - we are just being flat out ignored.  
At the very least, MS should post SOMETHING as to why the service is being ignored. My GameRoom keeps advertising that Game Pack 7 is coming soon! WTF! Now they go ahead and skip releases.  
I'm bitter and need the blog achievement. Going to play Super Meat Boy and keep checking back for Jackal.