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Top 10 Sega Characters

Despite what people think of Sega now, the Sega I remember was responsible for some of the best games ever made. Nintendo gets a lot of kudos for creating memorable IPs - especially in the 8bit and 16bit days, but Sega was no slouch.

Here are my top 10 Sega Characters of all time:

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  • Wonder Boy is a wonder amongst men. When he was just a boy, he skated over demons whilst wearing a loin cloth and throwing a rock axe. As a man, he has traveled to an entire world of monsters and was cursed with the ability to changed into Lizard Man, Mouse Man, Piranha Man, Lion Man and Hawk Man. Yep.

  • He's so anime, it's not even funny.

  • One look at this man's face is like looking into the face of God. Noah has defeated Dark Force TWICE - It takes a special type of man to freeze himself for 1000 years just to fight the embodiment of evil twice.

  • He runs forever - with no need of drink, food or rest. He flies at will, carries a cannon and does all of this in jeans. He is Space Harrier, man of men.

  • This kidd has some serious mutton chops. Alex will play you in a Rock, Paper, Scissors game and wager his LIFE on the outcome. He's also the guy who beat Mario* in the 8bit video game wars.

    *subjective statement

  • The Fantasy Zone series is an amazing collection of shooters. Even more amazing is the fact this sentient spaceship tore the wings from a living angel and surgically attached them to itself. Why? Because it can.

  • Look at this guy - he's fucking nuts. His name is Death Adder - as in he's going to add you to the obituaries. Mr. Adder carries a shield with a living dragon face and wields an extremely expensive axe.

  • The OG ninja from Shinobi is behind you as you are reading this list.

  • That's right - it's a jet. But not just any jet. It's the jet that burned your face off in the arcades. It's the Afterburner jet.

  • REO Speedwagon sums it up best:

    "Fly me high through the starry skies

    Maybe to an astral plane

    Cross the highways of fantasy

    Help me to forget today's pain

    Ooh dream weaver"

  • Honorable Mention: Sega gave us a dolphin who traveled through space and time to save the human race. And you thank him with a pool at Sea World.


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The fact that none of these characters are playable in Fighters Megamix is further proof that we need a Fighters Megamix 2.