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Super space foursome get four stars! 0

 It's like a 4 player space race. Except now it's REAL.    The concept is simple - drop 4 player controlled ships in a progressively fast shooter (or shmup if you must call it that). The game speeds up wave after wave, while you and you're 3 friends do your best to dodge and shoot crap out of the way to survive. The occasional power up will wizz by you if you're not quick enough, and you can dash left or right using the bumpers to make narrow escapes. It's all done from a top down...

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Flawed, but the best damn 3D Castlevania ever made by man. 1

I know... that's not saying much. But hear me out:  So let me start this by saying I'm only at the end of Chapter 2. That said, I've had one major boss encounter, plenty of werewolf whipping, and enough time to understand the gameplay mechanics and experience system.  The first thing you'll notice when playing this game is... it's not very Castlevania-ish. In fact, I'm not even sure there is a castle in the game at all. This is how I compare this feeling: Metroid felt like a Metroid game in Metr...

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Misunderstood 0

It's probably been said a thousand times already about this game - Multiplayer is a MUST.  If you like games like Lost Planet 2 and Monster Hunter, then you'll find a lot to like with this game. It's essentially a boss hunt, but done in the 2D Castlevania universe. And although I seem to be in the minority here – it's awesome fun.   There is plenty of loot to be had, enemies to be killed, and the levels are essentially giant mazes to get lost in. The zoom out/in feature is perfect, and allows yo...

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