Humble Bundle

I wanted to share an awesome site that doesn't seem to be well known, at least as far as I can tell on gaming community sites. showcases and offers bi-weekly to weekly bundles of independent games, generally by studio or creator, and the proceeds are allocated to various charities such as Child's Play. The truly unique and awesome feature of the site: you choose how much you pay and where the money goes! Customers buy new, old, and early-access indie game collections for exactly how much they want to pay and the money can be divided up between the developers of the game(s), the site, and varying charities. Customers have bought collections of games worth $30 for $3 and others choose to donate thousands for that same collection. Most customers opt to be added to the thank you list of purchasers which shows how much was given by who. The site is simple and straightforward. It immediately gives a good vibe of integrity and just genuine passion for doing some real good with games. Purchases are incredibly easy and fast — you can use Paypal, Amazon, or Google to complete your payment after you have detailed how much and where you want it to go. After a successful payment, you instantly recieve your game key or download on any platform you choose. This week I made my first purchase after watching the site for awhile — the site is running a special called "The Humble Voxatron Debut", which includes a great new, unreleased game from as well as recently released "Binding of Isaac" and "Blocks That Matter". I made my donation for a bit more than the average payment, and 5 minutes later I was playing the amazingly fun alpha release of "Voxatron". This site was a great find for me, and I'm surprised I've never heard about it before. You should check it out! You get to buy great, independent games, support their developers, and help bring the joy of games to those who could really use it — all at the same time!