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If you’re even moderately into gaming, you’re aware of Cyberpunk 2077. A game that has been notorious for recent release date delays and a subject of controversy around crunch, the game’s developer CD Projekt Red cite the game as an Open World Action/Adventure Role Playing Game based in the futuristic joint called Night City. Night City is a city filled with many perils and threats around its open world design, so it is near impossible to be safe while traveling through one area of interest to another without getting harassed by criminal gangs or power hungry corporations trying to take you out. Luckily, there is a plethora of vehicles that you can choose from to suit your style and keep you safe as you venture into Night City as a criminal or corporate freelancer named V.

With the recent release of the new trailer about the vehicles of Cyberpunk 2077, there’s more than enough options to choose a vehicle to suit your play style, it’s not just cars either, there’s trucks and also bikes to cater to you, if whether you want to take your enemies head on or make a speedy getaway.

It's also kind of fun to think about similar vehicles you may have driven in real life, and for me personally I'm listing them below.


Economy vehicles are the most commons type of cars and bikes that you will find in the game, they are easy to come by and have just enough resourcefulness to get you from point A to point B and so on. They are made only for travel purposes, you can’t really expect these cars to perform too well when it comes to races, nor will you be able to hole up inside of them for too long in case of a fire-fight or car chase if that ever occurs, these cars will serve their purpose of being easily accessible and honestly funny to look at, some of these are very silly, like the little car labeled as “Makigai” that was shown in the trailer.

All in all, these vehicles are going to be much more fun to drive than my Nissan Altima. But if you are wondering How Much is a Used Auto? Well let's just say a used one won't break the bank!


Executive class vehicles are made to impress the folks around you, these are luxuriously pretty vehicles mainly driven by the rich and powerful in the city, these cars have beautiful exteriors and lush comfortable interiors, integrated with the some of the best tech in any class of cars. These cars are built with versatility in mind, keeping the elite of Night City safe inside of them, their pretty look is just not for the beholder’s eyes, these cars can take a hit and withstand a lot of damage, and they are also great at races as they can go quite fast, along with providing you a smooth ride through Night City in style.

In real life, I've never owned one of these, but am surprised that used Cadillacs are actually not that pricey as i'd expect!


As the narrator says in the trailer “Masterful engineering and practical design, trucks and tanks for when you need power and brute force.” This line itself sums up this class quite perfectly, these are mainly large behemoth vehicles made with only two purposes in mind; withstand as much damage as possible and hit as hard as it gets. These are going to be essential in making getaways when it comes to ramming through blockades or when being chased by hordes of gangs, their size may not let you get away from the enemies too fast but their strength will crush them before you get a chance to get away anyways.

I'm kind of amazed that I could maybe get one of these in real life! Even ebay has dump trucks listed for sale. I can also drive around like a plumber in adelaide!


The Sport Class is made for high octane speed racing and super-fast getaways, leaving your enemies behind in dust and confusion. These cars are made with the best engines, customizable bodies and incredibly sleek and aerodynamic designs, making them the perfect vehicle for quick getaways and thrilling races around Night City. Mainly these are made so that you can participate in races with the top most quality vehicles, just so you can match the hardware that your opponents will have in said races, if you want to avoid losing money for no reason when it comes to street racing in the wild dystopian metropolis that is Night City, you are going to want one of these bad boys, because these cars are made to be resilient and terrifying in speed and handling. There’s also the added bonus of looking super cool while doing all that, makes you feel straight out of a fast and furious movie.

Some of these can get real pricey! But it can depend on many factors. Johnny Silverhand drives a 1977 Porsche 911 in the game, and you can still find those around - despite being released 4 decades ago!


If you need everything that you have read so far, mashed into one, a gorgeous, luxurious, extremely fast, hard hitting and protective vehicle, look no further than the Hypercars. Hypercars are made with versatility in mind, whether you want to protection with their highly armored bodies made with precisely expensive military grade materials, or if you want the highest of horsepower in a liquid smooth exterior, these cars have got it all. Hypercars are made with only the best technology in Night City, made to protect the elite of Night City like a car accident lawyer, and get them around in style and unthinkable speed. Hypercars are super exciting to drive because they have some of the most interesting features in the game, such as the lidar arrays mentioned in the trailer.

These are all the classes that were mentioned in the trailer, but that’s not all, the trailer ends with a glimpse of what is only considered a “true automotive icon”, the trailer also hints that this might not be the only non-original real world vehicle in the game, and that there are probably more in the game’s world that will be accessible to players once they finally get their hands on it.

The car that was shown briefly in the trailer was a 1977 Porsche 911, in the behind the scenes video, the developers have been shown working with a real life model of the car to create its iconic design and sound, just to give Johnny Silverhand a bit more oomph.

The ever elusive Cyberpunk 2077 will release on the 10th of December 2020, speculations might be hinting to another release date delay to the game but so far, there has been no word from the developers about any other delays, as the game gets closer and closer to release, make sure to keep checking for more and more relevant information about Cyberpunk 2077 and many other games.

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