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Pete Townsend-sliding into my heart. 0

  Since the launch of "Gears of War," the 3rd-person shooter genre has been dominated by clunky, cover-based affairs that continually failed to match the finesse of Epic's game. With the release of "Vanquish," Platinum Games and "Resident Evil" creator Shinji Mikami have injected a much-needed shot of adrenalin into the heart of this boorish trend. In "Vanquish" you play as DARPA Agent Sam Gideon, an American operative charged with securing Providence, a satellite colony and effec...

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Biodigital jazz, man. 0

  Three years ago "Pac-Man Championship Edition" took one of the arcade's timeless mascots and revitalized it with faster gameplay and a greater emphasis on scoring.  With "Pac-Man Championship Edition DX," Namco has delivered an even better value with additional modes, mazes and the return of the obsessive leaderboard system.  Like the traditional "Pac-Man," the primary objective of any game mode is to eat as many pellets, bonus fruit and ghosts as possible.  As Pac-Man consume...

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Refined Stabbing 0

  Just a year after the spectacular "Assassin's Creed 2," Ubisoft Montreal has served up an equal, if not superior product, with "Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood." While the lack of an almighty and legitimizing numeral in the title of this entry might suggest "Brotherhood" is an offshoot, this is far from the case. Instead, "Brotherhood" delivers a fully developed story that takes place immediately after the events of "Assassin's Creed 2," as well as an ambitious multiplayer mode unl...

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LOST: Via Domus...a review...meh... 0

As a gamer with a love of the English language and incredibly strong opinions I have a great white whale of a dream, to professionally write for a game review site or magazine. But unfortunately I have not acquired a high enough education (still in college) or the proper geographical location (California) to do this...yet. Anyway I often find in my time working at GameStop that people just love to buy really horrible video games. I, of course, guide them away from these puss ridden boils like a ...

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50 Cent: Blood on the Sand...I played it, I beat it...I...I liked 0

Let me just start off by saying that 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand is not a great game. It is not a game you should run out and buy for the shamefully high price of $60. It is also not a game you should buy for the more reasonable, yet still too high, $30. However, it is a big dumb thrill ride that is a hell of a lot more fun than I would like to admit. If you had to describe 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand in comparison to another game, and you easily could, they would be Gears of War, Army of Two, an...

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