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@sasnake said:
@terminallychill said:

If they go through with naming it Call of Duty: WWII, it will be kind of hilarious. It's like they are conveniently forgetting that the first three or four games already took place there, and this is some brand new direction for the series.

Are we sure it dosent mean World at War 2? And that WW2 is just a you know, play on that?

I thought of that as well, but I think Treyarch would be rightfully pissed, and Activision would be quite dumb to piss off their best COD studio. Black Ops 3 > Infinite Warfare / Ghosts > Advanced Warfare.

Then again, maybe Treyarch is exploring truly original territory for the series, and they'd be fine to let another studio make World at War 2. I guess we'll find out eventually.

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If you have a code for a subscription, you shouldn't need a credit card. I know 12 months works that way, but not sure about 3. Don't see why it would be different, though.

I'm pretty sure that as long as your plus account is the primary account assigned to your console, any other accounts on that system should be able to play online.

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LA Noire. Wow, that was a disappointment. It should have been a movie, because it was about as "interactive" as one.

Still the only game I've ever sold in over 30 years of playing video games.

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@falconer said:

Did they ever add first person Titan entry? Or a game mode that changes the shield mechanic back to how the first game handled it (yah know... like a normal game)?

This probably sounds dumb, but making Titan entry 3rd person really put me off to this game. Seemed like a major step backwards and took me out of the "yo I just got into a giant mech and am going to fuck shit up now" moment.

They never added first-person Titan entry, but they probably should add it as an option, seeing as how many people miss it.

The new shield mechanic is fine, though. The first game required you to frequently leave your titan whenever an enemy was on your back. This system is a much better way of handling that issue, and it promotes teamwork.

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From bad netcode, to glitches, to anything else that makes the multiplayer objectively worse than it could be, those would be the last things that I would worry about remaining broken. BioWare / EA is financially incentivized to make multiplayer the best experience it can be. If people stop playing because they're not having a good time, that's ultimately lost income.

I'm still enjoying my time with the single player too much to play multiplayer right now, anyway.

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As an update, I've had my controller for over a month now, and I'm still quite happy with it. In addition to giving me instant access to all abilities in Titanfall 2, I also have been really enjoying it while playing the new Mass Effect. Being able to jump, dash, and aim at the same time feels much better than reaching over to use the face buttons. I'm mostly playing the campaign right now, but it should be especially nice when I have a chance to really dive into the multiplayer.

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i should go back but ill probably be murdered even harder by those still playing it. plus isnt it rife with cheaters on all platforms now?

Not even close. I've played the PS4 version for months now, and I can't remember ever running into someone cheating. Try the trial on the 30th and see for yourself.

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@bummlmitz: You do realize that animation isn't even in the game, right? That only happens if you're on a keyboard, and constantly hitting the A and D keys to shift your character's full weight instantly into turning left and right. I've tried to do it on a controller, and it doesn't even seem possible. It's not "the new walking animation." It's something that you purposely have to do, to fuck with the game. At that point, you might as well put a paper bag over your head, and then say "Well good going, BioWare! Now I can't even see the screen."

But you are right about the Phantoms.

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@arbitrarywater said:

That new Northstar execution is pretty great. Unfortunately, I think it'll take more than one new map for me to play Titanfall 2 regularly again.

@spaceinsomniac You play on PS4, right? What's the player count down to on a weeknight these days?

No idea, but I've never had issues getting into a game, so I don't care too much. It's hard to tell, really, because they only tell you how many people are playing in your data center. But there are always plenty of people playing Attrition, and that's the mode I enjoy most. I might be matched against the same group several times when playing Last Titan Standing or Live Fire, but I can still always get in a game.

I still play all the time--usually at least two or three nights a week--but a lot of that is due to finding a group of players to join up with. Playing LTS in a party of five people is quite fun.

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Also a new weapon and pilot execution--both free--and some new paid cosmetic DLC, including Legion and Northstar prime Titans.

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With the launch of Colony Reborn we will also be kicking off another Free Trial weekend that will start on 3/30 and run through 4/3. We got some great feedback from the last trial so this time in addition to having access to full multiplayer, you can also play the Training Gauntlet and the single player mission The Beacon. After the trial the Training Gauntlet and The Beacon will remain free to play in perpetuity.

I really like that they're including a bit of the campaign with the trial version, because playing the campaign can really help new players learn the controls.

Speaking of which, some friendly advice: Use the evolved control scheme, turn hold to crouch on, and raise your FOV setting to at least 90.