Revisiting old gems....wishing you didn't miss the 'moment'

So for the past year or so, on a frequent basis I've checked back old titles I never got around to finishing or picking up. These range from a whole bunch of old titles down to some which are from this generation. Most of the time I endure the extremely dated mechanics and I find myself understanding why the title was well received, alongside enjoying the actual game itself. 
Project Zero 2 (Fatal Frame) was the last game I played through and really enjoyed despite having a bum load of dated issues, since then I've tried things like Farenheit(Indigo Prophecy), Shadow of Colosus and various others.  I understood what people were on about with Farenheit, it felt like a mess towards the end and stuff but it was quite refreshing to play something like that. Colosus I didn't 'get', it's like a 6 hour game but has some great visuals for when it launched (maybe if I played it back at launch I'd have been overwhelmed by them but I suppose that moment has gone).
One game I tried which I was pretty excited about finally playing, Eternal Darkness. The game seems to be well received everywhere and  has somewhat of a cult following, I love horror games and puzzle games so I thought all would go well.
It didn't, I got roughly 1 hour in and couldn't take much more (I understand that's a hellova short amount of time to judge the game), after some thought I decided I most likely won't go back to it, I've missed the window for this game to take an impact on me - its 'moment' has gone.
However aside from missing the moment, revisiting them for me has sometimes turned out better than my first time playing. Half Life 2, Wind Waker & SMB3 I played again recently and enjoyed them even more than I remember.  Maybe it's an age thing, I'm 19 now and I've played games for most of my life but I realise revisiting some titles that I played when I was young can totally obliterate good memories (Croc Q_Q).