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An Unsatisfying End

Is there any game that left you annoyed or angry with it's ending ?  Anything that left you almost questioning the quality of the entire game leading up to that point ?

*Heavy Spoilers*

I'll give the game props for perfectly reflecting my face as I watched the ending.
I'll give the game props for perfectly reflecting my face as I watched the ending.
I finished Heavy Rain yesterday and got the Four Lions ending, which I take was the intended, Disney style fairytale closure. But this ending also leaves massive plot holes in the game's story arc and major character inconsistencies. Not to mention, the unreal circumstances of the last half hour, leading up to the final showdown. Most of these failures could be forgiven to a degree in a normal shooter or action game but Heavy Rain chooses to put the spotlight on player's every little action. It's the driving force behind this character piece, as it plots your storyline based on any & everything to do. So it's a big failure of trust when the game itself fails to keep up with the player's attention to detail. There are also multiple instances where it simply fails to convey the information properly to the player. 
To get started, here is a list of problems I had with just Scott Shelby: 
  • The biggest inconsistency of them all is anachronism. Scott is 48. John died 30 years ago. There is so much wrong with this fact alone.   
  • Why is Scott suddenly retrieving evidence from crimes he committed almost ten years ago ?  
  • How did he kill the old guy in the typewriter shop when we had control of him ALL THE TIME ?
  • Why did he take Lauren with him if his plan was to murder the guy all along ?
  • Scott's character up until Chp. 45 or so just doesn't fit as the killer. The guy is changing diapers one day and murdering 10-year old the next morning ? Why give us the "moral" choice of sparing a mob boss after gunning down his entire armada John Woo style (not to mention the child killer thing again) ? This is almost schizophrenic behavior from Scott, which would have made more sense with Ethan. 
  • If Scott is looking for a father, willing to make the ultimate sacrifice then why are players allowed to find Shaun's location after completing just 3/5 trials ? You can avoid cutting off your finger, poisoning yourself, shoot a drug dealer and do the other two non-fatal trials to get the address - it doesn't sound a whole lot like the "ultimate sacrifice" Scott is looking for. 
  • Why does he save Lauren again and again, when he knows she is going to kill him the instant she finds out the truth ? It doesn't fit with his usual analytical behavior.

 Just shoot me now. I don't wanna drown in your sea of inconsistencies
 Just shoot me now. I don't wanna drown in your sea of inconsistencies
There are major problems with almost every major character in the game. Like the origami in Ethan's hands, Madison's altruistic behavior, Jayden's incompetence as a FBI agent just to mention a few. The list just goes on and on. And all this is from ONE of the game's ending. I don't even know what to make of all the other 17 or so alternate endings of the game.  
Heavy Rain sells itself as an interactive drama but it doesn't have the writing to support the interactive claim. If you fail to follow the intended path of the game, you end up with the most horrible scenario of the Oragami killer walking away scott-free and pretty much everyone else ending up in a ditch somewhere. It's really quite depressing how the game handles "choice" - if you don't agree with David Cage's original intentions, then you're heavily penalized for it. The character inconsistencies increase ten fold if you veer off the intended path, ruining the experience even more. Whatever happened to player enforcement ? Aren't we supposed to enjoy the game by making these choices ? Whats the point if everyone you cared about ended up dead after nearly ten hours of character investment ? There is no balance between consequences, fun and plausibility.  
I'm ragging on the denouement in particular because the game relies heavily on it's multiple story threads and a great deal is riding on how they all come together in the end. The old cliched saying is that it's all about the journey but in Heavy Rain's case, it's all about where your journey's choices lead you to. There is a big emphasis on choice every step of the way. I was expecting my choices to lead me to some kind of satisfactory resolution and I was disappointed with what I got instead.