Absurd Video Game Commercials

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@Abyssfull: Thank you Kevin Butler for saving PS3 commercials!!!
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So many thoughts!!!

The two things that stick out most is 1: full on nudity in that Juiced commercial? Seems like that was one that would only be broadcast on late-night European TV.
2: I'm now forming a theory that David Lynch was  secretly hired by Sony to make the most baffling, Dadaist commercials in the world.

Great list!!!

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Juiced is so shit

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I remember that battletanx commercial, that was a good franchise, really wish it hadn't died.

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I remember those AWFUL yet so truly amazing PSP commercials. 
Also, this list is pretty dope.  Nicely done, ol' chap!

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That black tennis player really has a fine ''dat ass'' ass! Also the Playstation franchise may well be one of (if not the) the most terrifyingly marketed consoles out of the lot from what you've shown. O_O

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It's funny because there's a thing named a 'skirt' on cars and women sometimes wear one too!