Box Art Clichés: Guys-with-guns Edition

Because there are only so many ways you can pose with a gun:

Stock PoseNumber of Occurrences
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The Oscar Mike - You've got places to go and faces to shoot. An extra thousand points for every Black Hawk or Abrams in the background.
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This is my rifle. There are many like it etc. - A classic pose that somehow always leaves the soldier looking agitated with his current predicament. Covers only one half of the box, usually leaving the other open for explosive scenery.
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Sean Connery is about to shoot you - The game is taking you hostage and the fourth wall will not rescue you.
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Pistol Pose - I guess we all know who to blame for this one.
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The Ominous Look Back - I'm not sure if Dudebro™ is angry with us or just camera shy.
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John Woo Presents - Because putting dual-wielding on the back of the box isn't enough.
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Triple Threat - Charlie's Angels have got nothing on them.
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Oh Look, A Squirrel! - Apparently, you & your mates have found something really intriguing off-camera and can't stop staring & pointing at it.

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