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Characters You Don't Wanna Be Stuck in an Elevator With

As if claustrophobia wasn't enough.

List items

  • Be ready for a crash course on space bigotry.

  • She will jump your bone and I don't think you can push "X" long enough.

  • Explosive diarrhea and elevators - two things that never mix well.

  • Keep him busy with treasure talk to distract him from his neck snapping ways.

  • How did a helicopter get inside an elevator ? I don't know. I don't know how helicopters do anything but you definitely don't want one of these around.

  • He might be a tech wizard but his constant yearning for Naomi makes him too much to bear. Also known to wet himself when under duress...ewww!

  • 'Cause he is Mike Tyson.

  • You don't wanna know what a thousand years of agony and dead skin smell like.

  • Temperamental; avoid close contact. Gets freaky when the lights go out.

  • His perpetual anger and grumbling make him a bore. More importantly, his consume ability makes an inescapable danger.

  • Don't be tempted by her sultry looks, I can tell you right now - Morrigan Disapproves.

  • Like Morrigan, only much much older.

  • Just imagine hearing that creepy chuckle while trapped inside a reverberating metal box.

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  • The chances of getting along with someone named "The Ghost of Sparta" are pretty slim to begin with. But add some bad temper and a psychopathic need to stab everything in sight, you don't even wanna be in the same area code.

  • Suffers from an unhealthy obsession with leashes. Now unless, you're into S&M...

  • I enjoy his warm presence but a stuck elevator's bad enough without turning it into a 400° oven.

  • A debilitating speech impediment on their part destroys any chance of striking a conversation.

  • The never-ending guffaws will leave you wishing you exercised your 2nd amendment rights more often.