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Nostalgia or not, Sly is a lot of fun 19

When it was originally released on the PS2, the Sly series served as an interesting alternative to combat-heavy platformers like Ratchet and Jak. Its adorable presentation, smart level design and approachable stealth mechanics help set it apart all those years ago and these seemingly ageless qualities still make it a discrete entity. The re-mastered HD graphics and a collection of Move mini-games sweeten the deal, but the biggest reason this collection is still worth your attention is because th...

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A Dream Unfulfilled 0

Dreamkiller's interesting premise is undone by a variety of gameplay issues. Mindware Studios tried to recreate the frenzied insanity of the Painkiller games with mindless, non-stop run & gun action. But they missed the mark with some restrictive weapon design & repetitive gunplay, and you're better off sticking to your existing old-school favorites.   A typical patient file, complete with clichéd name and psychosis The best thing...

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Worthy of the Prince of Persia Lineage 2

Prince of Persia is the latest re-imagining of a franchise that is nearly two decades old now. This new addition retains all the qualities that make a Prince of Persia game great with fun platforming, interesting characters and acrobatic swordplay. There is a special emphasis on the presentation this time around and everything feels a lot more cinematic. However, this outstanding presentation comes at a cost and while the semi-automatic platforming is fun to watch, it's not as...

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