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SPACETURTLE: Best of 2010

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  • This is simply the best game I've played this year. While the single player is... OK and definitely worth to playthrough, it is the multiplayer which really makes this game deserve this year GOTY. I've spent more time on this game than all the other games I've played this year COMBINED! Almost...

  • I actually called this as my personal best this year the moment I sat down with this, even before I installed it actually. As a die hard STALKER fan this should really have been at the top of this list but I had to chose between the two and CoP ended up on a second (or spilt first as I choose to look at it).

  • I think this was one of the nicer surprises this year. I was always hoping that this game would be awesome and I had a feeling it might fall in taste at least for me. And it definitely did! But I didn't expect to love this game so much. It doesn't remind of the STALKER games in any way other than the atmosphere and I think that might be one of the reasons I really like this game. This is a damn good game and I can't wait to play through it again in the new year when I've bought some new hardware to my rig.

  • I was never that impressed about the first Mass Effect game -- might have been because I played through the whole thing on the worlds most crappy computer at the time. Anyways, I didn't have very high expectations for the squeal but the original intrigued me as much so I was looking forward to checking this game out. Needless to say, I loved it. I've actually played through this game two times and that's kind of unusual for me in these days. I can't wait for the last game in this so far amazing trilogy!

  • This game also surprised me hell of a lot! Like I expected before starting this game up this game didn't have an impressive story. And as far as I'm concerned, the story isn't very good. But the gameplay is simply awesome! I've never felt as such a badass sneaking around breaking necks like they where matches! I actually found myself playing more of the co-op part of the game more than the actually story part of the game. Only I played the co-op stuff as a lone wolf. Still I really loved it!

  • This game turned out to be incredible! I was expecting this though. But still. I wasn't sure it would impress that much as it did. My fondest memory of the game is when you finally reach Mexico and you get up on your horse and ride up the mountains and that beautiful music starts playing. Awesome gunslinger action!

  • I love this successful attempt to create something completely different in the gaming world. I played through this whole thing in one sitting. The story was so intense I wasn't able to put the controller away before I had figured out who was the origami killer. I fired it up a second time but then it was just really experimenting with how things would end up doing things differently. Not great replay value in this game at all. But it's worth the full price for only one playthrough in my opinion.

  • Okey... I've actually not played through this whole thing yet since I very recently bought it off steam during the christmas sale, but so far this game has been great. I cannot without good conscience leave this game off my list, so there'ya go.

    EDIT: This game just ranks higher and higher on my list for every day that passes.

  • I really enjoyed this game. There was much expectations for this game and well deserved I say. Obviously I don't agree with most of the reviewers but that isn't really relevant, is it? I only think the single player in this game is any good though. The Bad Company meets Modern Warfare thing for the MP really didn't work. Yet again, DICE did some incredible sound work on the MP, but with the sound being the only thing I really appreciated about the MP it didn't hold up to reach any higher on this list.

  • I just randomly decided to pick this up when I was at the local gaming store and yet again another title that surprises me this year. Much of... wait ALL the traversal stuff in the game is really lame and the combat isn't really fun more than after a couple of hours. But no matter, the setting, story and scenery in this game makes all up for it. It's definitely not the best game this year but IS without doubt one of the better.