My Favourite Games Past and Present

I'm gona put my all time favorite games here ones that i feel deserve real recognition. and some games from my childhood of which i have fond memories. Time may have distorted my impression of these games. I have since looked at reviews and seen that some reviewers may not have shared my sentiments. 
may be updated as and when i jog my memory

List items

  • This game and the original are probably my favorite games of all time. Bioware at it's finest. I revisited this and the first multiple times. Still waiting to put together a PC to see if dragon age really takes the crown.

  • There may be some games in this list that are maybe not what people consider to be greats. But they certainty stuck in my mind. I remember playing this with my mate was a hell of a lot of fun. and that's the most important thing right.

    also i was a kid.

  • As with many jap games. Each new installment is basically the same as the last. so i can't really pick one particular definitive AC game. I know this is also clunky and weird at times. But it's uniqueness, cool ass robots and RPG elements just scratched an itch for me

  • My first dabble in FF. This game just sucked me in. I remember just thinking at the time. I'd never played anything as enthralling. clocked easily over a hundred hours on this.

    at a later stage i returned and killed a few dark aeons. and finally mastered blitzball. which turned out to be pretty good.

    couldn't get the same vibe from XII. Turn based is good for FF. i like to have complete control

  • Never have i spent so many hours messing around aimlessly in a game. I don't know how this one was so much fun. IV just seems lacking by comparison as far as the fun factor is concerned.

    maybe its just because i was younger and more easily pleased.

  • This is where i jumped on the DW bandwagon. Somehow missed 3. at first i almost returned it. But i slowly began to realise you got to take it with a pinch of salt. As with many Japanese games they do things their own crazy way. this game was still pure fun, and brilliant co op fun. Also kind of epic for the time, and wasn't nearly as dated graphically or mechanically. But sadly once you played one. you played em all which i found out when i bought DW 5

  • This is everything i wanted Pokemon to be and more. Really eerie style and a solid RPG

  • Again hard to pick a definitive game. This whole series was pure good fun when played against a friend. Really the only take it in turns kind of play the really works.

  • The game was clearly a watered down and shallow RPG experience so i tried not to get hung up on what it was or wasn't and just played it. The world and story bioware created was just epic. Almost good enough to rival something like Star Wars. n i thought the make was pretty cool don't know why the reviewers slammed it so much.

  • this made me feel like i was a kid playing jedi power battles again. I wouldn't play it on my own though

  • i almost returned this too. I didn't get what the hell it was about. Then it all started to make sense. There is just sooo much stuff in this game. Another awesome game with friends. i miss the couch co-op glory days.

  • i can't remember if this was the best one. x-wing alliance was pretty sweet. but earlier i found myself in possession of 3 star wars flight sim games they came with the PC or something. Blasting rebel scum never got old.

  • holy shit. This came with my nana's PC. I had a little gander thinking it would be pants. And oh my god. the greatest RTS to this day probably. revolutionary and ahead of its time. I immediately nicked it off my nana.

  • I lost a lot of high school evenings to this. Probably my biggest online addiction to date. i bought a copy recently to get nostalgic. can't believe the servers are still open.

  • Back when skate wasn't around this game didn't seem so stupid. I loved skate culture but alas could never really skate. if i could transfer my 1337 skillz at this game into IRL skating I'd be Rodney Mullen. My highest landed score was 115 mil which i think was a good 10-15 minute trick.

  • I played the PC version. This game was pretty sprawling and epic with some cool lore. If i remember it was pretty long too. left it for a while but eventually finished the job

  • i think this belongs here. was pretty cool. i liked the setting. 3 with jean reno was a bit random. I felt i should put a hack and slash so it was this or devil may cry and i never finished that so i couldn't judge it properly

  • better than i thought a hand held game could ever be. A great JRPG by any standard. It was this and pokemon and nothing else was played