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@pyrodactyl said:
@blindx0r said:

So where's the split console/PC review for Arkham Knight? If FO4's tech issues are enough to drop the rating from 4 to 3 for consoles, then there should have been a PC version of the Arkham Knight review that dropped it from 4 stars to 1.

both jeff and dan played B:AK on PC and didn't have major issues. That's the thing with PC games. No matter how broken they are you'll always find someone who's saying ''worked fine for me''.

It's different situations. The problem with Arkham Knight on PC was that the game couldn't be run at 60fps without major issues, the game always ran alright at 30fps even on modest PCs at console-like settings. But 30fps unmaxed isn't good enough for PC standards, console standards are much lower in that regard and the PC community rejected those same standards. Jeff/Dan probably did not give a shit about 60fps gameplay in the same way a lot of PC folk do so it ran 'fine' for them.