Big Lots Energy Drink Review: Who's Your Daddy Energy Drink

Who's Your Daddy  Energy Drink (Low Carb)
16 FL OZ
price paid: $0.70

Overall star rating (out of 5): * * * *

Can Graphics: Blue / Red background: EXTREME american patriotic edgy vide design

Can Claims:  Not for Children, pregnant women

Taste: It has the interesting cranberry zing twist on top of the classic energy drink flavor

Energy Factor: Standard Energy drink amount of boost as far as I'm concerned.


Big Lots Energy Drink Review: Raw Dawg Sports Energy Drink

As with any drink at Big Lots you have to wonder if it's about to expire or discontinued. I would assume that "Tha Raw Dawg Sports Energy Drink" was a good idea before the whole Michael Vick thing. The Can Features an Electric Blue Colored Pit Bull with yellow eyes that has a dumbbell with what looks to be over 150 lb.s in it's mouth. First off I'm a pitbull and dumbbell owner, and I have never seen the dog lift weights.

This Drink has a bizarre fruit punch flavor *to be finished later


I checked out the Dark Knight on Imax last evening.

First off I would have seen it opening night but it was sold out in Charlotte for the first week it was open.
My friend Ty had picked us up tickets earlier in the week. The line was really long to get in and for the box office tickets for the next show. When I walked pass the box office line the sign showing tickets available said -1 tickets left. I bet the person that didn't get the seat but was sold a ticket was pissed. It was so hot I decided to go get a coke from concessions. I would have grabbed a popcorn, but who can pass up the astronaut ice cream from a science center? 

I'm one of those people that just can't deal with the imax false sense of motion. 
There were several times that I thought I was going to punk my astronaut  ice-cream all over the lady in front of me.
The close up shaky cam style at times didn't help. All in all, it is amazing how close the imax experience makes you feel to the atmosphere of the movie.

Dark Knight is really a main corse villain movie with a side of hero. 
This movie has an all star cast with maybe the exception of Maggie Gyllenhall.
Health Ledger steals the show, and Gary Oldman is solid as ever. Arron Eckhart was a nice surprise. I've enjoyed his acting since the movie "Thursday".
I wouldn't be surprised if Health Ledger receives an Oscar for best supporting actor for his role of the Joker
There are only a few plot holes that I saw and the only other annoying thing was Christian Bales over the top gruffy batman voice.
I'll have to see it again, because I feel like you miss some of the screen action on Imax. I'd give it  4.5 stars out of 5.


Big Lots Energy Drink Review: Joker - Mad Energy (Low Carb)

Joker Mad Energy Drink (Low Carb)
16 FL OZ
price paid: $0.60

Overall star rating (out of 5): * * * *

Can Graphics: Blue background with picture of Illustrated Jester (or Joker) with 8-balls instead of bells on hat. Jester has crazed smile pencil thin mustache and goatee (classic devilish characteristics) and holds a Skull scepter. The Joker looks like he belongs more on a bong from teh mid nineties than an energy drink can.

Can Claims: "Loaded with High potency energy",  "Joker is Mad Outrageous", Limit 3 per day, Not for Children

Taste: It has the traditional Sweet-tartish, sour cranberry cotton candy taste of most yellowish colored energy drinks. Slight vanilla aftertaste. Surprisingly this tastes a lot like Monster or Red Bull. I'd say it has more carbonation than monster and is slightly sweeter. This is a perfect substitute for Monster Low carb if you can get it cheaper.

Energy Factor: Standard Energy drink amount of boost as far as I'm concerned.

Learning new skills

Today I started to learn how to read pretzels.

And no not those twisted shape ones. I'm starting to read just pretzel rods right now. I should be able to write in pretzel in the next year or so. I hear it's easier to read and understand pretzel than it is to write it.

Bomblog part.1

Glad to see a new community started and glad I can get in on the ground floor.

I love the throw-back funk at the start of the bombcast podcast.
Anyway, I've always respected Jeff and Ryan's reviews so I'm happy to be a member of their new venture.
Keep up the good work fellas, and I look forward to meeting other forward thinking individuals here.