Big Lots Energy Drink Review: Joker - Mad Energy (Low Carb)

Joker Mad Energy Drink (Low Carb)
16 FL OZ
price paid: $0.60

Overall star rating (out of 5): * * * *

Can Graphics: Blue background with picture of Illustrated Jester (or Joker) with 8-balls instead of bells on hat. Jester has crazed smile pencil thin mustache and goatee (classic devilish characteristics) and holds a Skull scepter. The Joker looks like he belongs more on a bong from teh mid nineties than an energy drink can.

Can Claims: "Loaded with High potency energy",  "Joker is Mad Outrageous", Limit 3 per day, Not for Children

Taste: It has the traditional Sweet-tartish, sour cranberry cotton candy taste of most yellowish colored energy drinks. Slight vanilla aftertaste. Surprisingly this tastes a lot like Monster or Red Bull. I'd say it has more carbonation than monster and is slightly sweeter. This is a perfect substitute for Monster Low carb if you can get it cheaper.

Energy Factor: Standard Energy drink amount of boost as far as I'm concerned.