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GOTY 2013

Ohai there party people!

As I write my list on this Eve of Christmases, let me preface this by saying that I have not been able to play a whole lot of games in the second half of this year. Total garbage, right? But I've been without my own computer and consoles for a couple of months now. The reasons are pretty silly.

The majority of the games I played this year have been handhelds and things that I've darted away to play while at the homes of others. (And a lot of titles I missed from previous years. Can ya blame me? Games are expensive!)

Luckily for me, I'll be getting new consoles tomorrow from that heavyset jovial man who has a thing for the color red. So just gotta wait a bit longer. I'm not too upset.

ANYWAYS, onward to my list of favorites from this year! (In order from my #1 being first and such.)

List items

  • Ah, Animal Crossing. You are definitely the one game this year that I sunk the most time into and I don't regret a thing. It's definitely got all of the whimsy it had the first time I played a game in this series and was enough to keep me happy on those late nights where I just want to kill some time with a bit of fishin'. It's be a great time sink and I make a damn fine mayor.

  • Oh man, it's been a long, long time since I've been so satisfied to play a Pokemon game. Pokemon X was a delightful voyage down memory lane with enough differences from the previous generations to feel like a whole new game. I really like the Fairy type that was introduced and the fact that there was more to the story than just "Be the best, mmkay?" I'm afraid to say this, but I might totally be really into Pokemon again.

  • What can I say about SteamWorld Dig other than wow? I really do wish this had been a longer game, but for 9 bucks I was pretty happy with it. It had a lot of... depth. Bwahahahahaha! (I can't say too much without spoiling anything. Just know that this was a favorite of mine and I've completed it twice.)

  • I should really go back and finish this one! I'm so so so bad at completing JRPGs because they have so so so much to do! I love the story and the art and the style of this somewhat-frustrating game. I played the bulk of this game during Extra Life this year and I just want to hop back into this world so bad. It's beautiful.

  • Another game I played during Extra Life this year. All you really need to know is that I love my Brick. It has saved my bun-buns a few times. Thank you, Brick.

  • I ended up surprising myself with the choices I had to make. Papers, Please had me feeling genuinely bad at some of the things I did. And that doesn't happen often, what with my Paragon lifestyle and such.

  • No game had me vying to be the best at leading quite like Monaco. The game is super slick and definitely a lot of fun once you have the right people and the roles that suit your thievin' style. I make a pretty good Lookout, as it turns out! Fun times.

  • You dive and you kick.

  • I'm not too sure what all I can say that hasn't been said about Gone Home already. I enjoyed(?) this title more than I expected myself to and it really tickled the part of me that loves to explore and discover as well as went right for my feelings.

  • I only played this for a tiny bit of time and I feel pretty bad about that. But I lost the charger to my Vita and am kind of broke until New Year's. I wanted to round out my list with 10, and this one is a DAMN CHARM. CHARM.