Game Worlds that Deserve to Be Revisited

It’s almost criminal how many game worlds exist with just a few narrow scoped stories within them. The following then is a list of game worlds I’d love to see revisited with whole new casts of characters and new stories to tell.

List items

  • One of the most pleasant RPG worlds to delve into, there’s a haunting beauty to a world built over and over on the ruins of those who came before. We’ve explored its islands. How about some mainlands? Cities? The potential for stories in this universe outside the main cast are endless.

  • I’d love to see a story told about the world hinted at with the end of the original FFVII, a world given back over to nature, but perhaps one based around rediscovering old technologies and the fears and wonders that could entail.

  • I think the time is ripe for another shot at a new Deus Ex story, with a new cast and setting. The rich cyberpunk story is loaded with political potential and with current political divides as an inspiration, I think you could come up with some delicious black mirrors.

  • I feel bad for mentioning Suikoden in this list because I'm sure somewhere at Konami HQ there's a clock for actually making a new Suikoden that's reset anytime anyone mentions the games. But Jowston - and really, any of the original five Suikoden settings - definitely deserves a modern experience, with new heroes, a new political conflict, and a modern realization of what the PS1 couuld barely contain.

  • The Fables universe was well established before Wolf Among Us so there's plenty to explore here beyond the game, but it's still a rich universe to pluck stories from for an adventure game.

  • That we only ever got one game in this weird, sorta-kinda post-apocalyptic industrial world is a shame. It’s dripping with cool potential.

  • It’s appropriate a game about death should feature a world in levels, but I want to see more of it. Manny’s quest isn’t the only one that could be told and I’m sure there’s enough inspiration here for some truly gorgeous, fun new places to explore.