Sparky's Top Something of 2015

Holy poop, 2015 had some games. And I played them! This marks the first year I've managed to play enough timely, good releases to make an actual top ten, so the first ten spots will be reserved for the best games I played from this year. Everything from eleven onward is a relatively unorganized list that includes games from yesteryear as well. There were lots of games that deserved a mention, and I'd be doing them a disservice by leaving them out entirely.

I want to say too that I've never had a list with this many quality entries. 2015 was far and away my favorite year for games to date, and every entry in my top ten is recommended in the highest regard. I can't wait to see what 2016 and beyond brings.

Also, high five to Sony this year for releasing the all-important (to me) accessibility options patch, which wins my coveted first "Holy Shit, This Makes Games So Much More Playable" award. Here's hoping we see more accessibility options and a continued refinement of them not just from Sony, but all console and game developers

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