Video Game Zombie Killin' Squad

Because zombies are still hip, bro!

List items

  • Because who wouldn't want a homicidal rabbity thing with a gun and a badge when there's a zombie 'pocalypse goin' down?

  • Dude. Goddamn gun for an arm. And he's a stereotype - they always kick zombie ass.

  • I have no goddamn clue how a yo-yo could possibly kill 4.5 billion zombies, but I'll be goddamned if this little blue-haired pipsqueak won't give it a shot.

  • He'll burn the zombies' house down... with the lemons!

  • If we need a crazy bastard to fly straight into an alien scubag's ship, we send a drunk Randy Quaid. If we need a tactical kamikaze strike against a zombie, we send in this daffy bastard.

  • Years of pent-up rage at only ever having one fan (me) and one game in which that fan plays as him (Mario Kart Wii), Waluigi has revved up his Scooter of Doom and is ready to tear some zombie heads off.

  • If he doesn't kill 'em with a bazooka, he'll kill 'em with poo jokes!

  • No zombie will ever see it coming. Snake? Snaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake!

  • Best part about having Epona on the team? When she's no longer of any use, we can turn her into glue. I'm sure zombies would hate having their fingers epoxied together.

  • If his boxing skills can't beat 'em, they'll surely die by mustache.

  • Montezuma's Revenge will end you zombie bastards.

  • Old people are proven to be zombie bait, but did you know they could also be zombie killin' machines with the right amount of old fogey-ism?

  • He'll use an Ak-47, for when you absolutely need to clear a motherfuckin' room.

  • He will mess a zombie's shit up... with interviews!