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Favorite Characters

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My all-time favorite characters. Only one character per series of games but not franchise. KotoR and Jedi Knight are different series with in the same franchise.

List items

  • Possibly the most believable video game character in existence.

  • Slayer of monsters, plower of women, the White Wolf himself; Geralt of Rivia.

  • Screw Solo, Skywalker and the Ewoks; without Katarn the rebellion never would have happened. Period.

  • A boy of meat who saved a girl of band-aids from a fetus with a Ph.D. A true hero in my book.

  • The angel of death, a reaver of souls, both messiah and destroyer.

  • The only thingamajig that is awesome enough to not need arms or legs. Or a neck for that matter.

  • Most narrators have a voice-over at the beginning and end of a game, maybe a few times in between. Ain't so simple with this one.

  • It's like having Kate Beckinsale as a sidekick.

  • Vakarian and Shepard storming heaven!

  • I'm not even going to write anything here. Except what I just wrote.