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Favorite Games

My all time favorite games. Unlike most lists, I had to think about this one, so I came up with some rules.

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Rules for list:

  1. Only one game from any given series (i.e there can be two Star Wars games on the list but only one KotoR game).
  2. Collections do not count as one game (i.e. The Orange Box cannot be one the list, it must be one of the games from The Orange Box. Like Portal!).
  3. Ordered by how much fun I had with the game, not how good it is technically.

List items

  • I've played this game more 10 times. I've put more thought into my Shepards than work or college (over 300 hours).

  • I could write for a day and not say everything that's awesome about this game. It has a great story, amazing graphics, solid RPG systems and is very dark and mature. Oh, and you play as the ultimate bad ass.

  • The first game that was truly mine and one of the milestones that paved the way for shooters as we know them (i.e. narrative driven, not restricted to corridors, puzzles). I'll never forget it.

  • Simply one of the most fun games ever.

  • Worth buying the games just to listen to the music. The rest of the game is awesome to, but the music... definitely the music.

  • The standard by which all stealth games should be made and measured.

  • Less a game and more an interactive book, this is the best virtually rendered story I have ever experienced. Mixing sci-fi with fantasy in a truly great way.

  • It's like Halo and Firefly had a baby and named it Awesome. Seriously.

  • Glitches, dumb dialogue, and some undeniable charm make this super-powered sci-fi shooter simply awesome.

  • The game equivalent to joy.