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The first truly great XBL indie game 2

T.E.C 3001 is a fantastic platform/racer for the Xbox 360 indie game channel. Now, I've played many XBLIG demos but never bought one because, let's face it, a lot of them suck. And the ones that don't suck are either zombie shooters or Minecraft rip-offs. Much to my delight, however, on the 25th of August, 2011, along came T.E.C. 3001.Run, Sonny, RunIn T.E.C. 3001 you play a T.E.C. or Tesla Energy Collector; a robot that looks like a cross between Sonny from I, Robot and Iron Man from, well, Iro...

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Great Game, Bad Splinter Cell 0

Waring: this review is written by true Splinter Cell fan and is not for the faint of heart.  When hidden, the screen goes to grayscale So after four years, we finally get our new Splinter Cell game. But how is it, is it worth the wait? The short answer is no. Splinter Cell Conviction is a great action game, but as a Splinter Cell game it suffers greatly. While the game has great set pieces, a tight story which sees main character Sam Fisher come out of hiding to find out who kill...

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Dumb Fun... 0

Nemesis Strike is an awesomely bad game. In short, it's a third-person cover-based modern military-themed shooter with some stealth mechanics. Basically, if you played Splinter Cell, Metal Gear, Kill.Switch (if you remember Kill.Switch), Gears of War or the like, then you've played this game a million times before, except for the skying missions, which are by far the best part.Gameplay:Nemesis is fun. Plain and simple. Is it dumb? Yes. Is it unforgiving at times? Yes? But mor...

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Fun, Plain n' Simple 0

Spartan: Total Warrior is a good game and it's a great deal of fun. You should know, though, it's not easy. Its not near as hard as, say, Ninja Gaiden, but its got a challenge. But the reason it is hard is the reason it's good. At any time you may face over 100 enemies, which is just awesome, admit it. But let's break it down:That gameplay in by far the best part of the game, as it should be. You constantly have to multitask, whether it is trying to kill a Minotaur and fend off hordes of Romans ...

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Like a Diamond in the Rough... 0

If you don’t like this game, I can understand. There's some bugs to get around and a few other things like rough cut scene transitions. But when you play a game, you can’t look at what you think it should have been (everything usually sucks by that standard), you have to look at what it is. From this point of view Advent Rising is an amazing game even though it doesn’t get everything right. The game play is great. You have the ability to dual wield any two weapons (yes, even rocket launchers!) ...

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