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I've been playing video games since I was a small boy, so this list is by no means complete. I started off on the computer with some educational games, before moving onto the Playstation, Playstation 2, Xbox and now finally, Xbox 360. So if you see Freddi Fish or Putt Putt in there, I most likely played it when I was 5 - although I'd probably still enjoy it now...

As I've gone through this list I've found that my gaming really does split into two distinct categories. The first is the one where I simply played the game on my own, an innocent age, the age of computers, playstations and the original xbox. This is the age when I didn't always choose the game, but when I found something I enjoyed in it, no matter how bad. I was small and impressionable. Now is a different time. Now I play for achievements, for multiplayer, and I expect the best stories and graphics and features. If I don't, I return it. There's plenty to choose from and I'm not forced to find the joy in games I'm not 100% happy with. As such, I'm a little bit more impersonal with my games and don't have the nostalgic feelings I had with my earlier games. It's a double-edged sword - more variety and better games, but less enjoyment and less time taken to find the good qualities in everything.

In this list you'll find a brief description of my time with it. I'll try to get everything in alphabetical order, but man, there's tonnes of games here!

Notable exclusions: Game demos, any I cannot remember or don't know the names of, games which are only vaguely considered games, and of course most non-console or computer-related game.

List items

  • My uncle gave me this game for my 9th birthday - without the manual so it was obviously second-hand... cheapskate - and I loved it. I even built my own scenarios based on historical events. And then our PC got a virus and all my hard work was wiped. But still, building my own maps and filling them with deadly sentry towers kept my young mind conquered for hours!

  • My experience with this game was the first few seconds of the opening screen - our computer couldn't handle playing this game for some unknown reason. It'd load and then crash. We hired all manner of geeks to fix it but to no avail. It was the titan edition too!

  • Got this for my birthday when I was young. It was one of those "Oh thanks! This is just what I've always wanted! Cough. NOT. Cough" gifts. I gave it a decent try, but bad game mechanics, poor graphics and no want to fly planes on my behalf led to me not playing the game very much after the first week.

  • I remember playing this briefly after renting it from the store, getting scared, then getting stuck and then never playing it for the remaining 5 days.

  • Put the disc in and then took it out - haven't had time to play it yet. Got it cheap and it looks like a cheap game. So win/lose I suppose...

  • I used to play this game a lot! I was a big Civilization fan, but this seems so much cooler when you're 12. Space, unexplored planets, mind worms and troops you can fashion? Awesome! I remember the sense of joy I'd get whenever I'd pass a dropped pod. Always got the biggest cities but that darn Asian dude and religious nut would always get me!

  • One of my first Playstation games. My friend helped me get all the way through to some interesting levels (mainly because I'd start getting angry over those stupid little monkeys dodging my net!), but I could never get to them on my own... Looking back, this game probably has the worst graphics of all time.

  • Played the demo a while ago and thought it was quite good. Eventually bought it in a bargain bin sale a year or two later, and quite like it. I've decided EA don't make the best games, but I'll admit, Army of Two is one of their better ones.

  • Bought this early on in my 360 days. Was really looking forward to playing it, it being made with assassins and all, but it was probably one of the biggest let downs ever. Too repetitive. Too repetitive. Too repetitive. Oops - you could say it has had a mental effect on me... Ended up returning the game.

  • Wasn't too sure whether I'd keep this game at first, but it definitely grew on me. It fixed a lot of the repetitiveness of the first Assassin's Creed, although I wasn't as impressed with the combat and climbing. However, the graphics were a big step up, as were the new features such as the villa, so I decided to keep it. Duel hidden blades FTW. Unfortunately, yet another game where prostitutes aren't put to their proper use (I'm looking at you Red Dead Redemption and Fable 2 with your black screens!).

  • Got this game in the ol' headset/microsoft points/LIVE/game bundle. Absolutely horrendous game if you're no good at billiards. Terrible if you're trying to get achievements. The number of hours I've spent trying to shark even one game, let alone several, is just sickening.

  • An actually GOOD Batman game for once! The free-flow combat is awesome! Very good platform challenges, but you're so worried about missing something you spend most of the time in detective mode, so everything is so warped. Other than that, and some weird voice acting choices, the game is premo!!

  • Is the campaign wasn't so short, Battlefield 3 would undoubtedly be the best shooter of all time. Perhaps the multiplayer is the best of all time in any case. Every match, every point, feels like an epic struggle. Desperate and meaningful. You're not just mindlessly pulling a trigger. You're repairing, reviving, making new routes, spotting, flanking, being a spawn point, covering, suppressing... the list goes on and on. If two great teams are going at each other, you're in for the biggest and more intense battle in video game multiplay! Love it.

  • Just recently bought this game as an alternative to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The destructible terrain was enough to sell me immediately - in all my long years gaming I'd always wanted to have a real destruction experience. Campaign is a little weak, but the multiplayer alone is enough to keep this as one of my favourite shooters. And seriously - who bought this game for the single player?

  • Bought this to play with my mum thinking it'd be a nice easy game to play. Whoever made this game is an asshole! Grrr! No moves after 2 turns??? F*ck you. Otherwise a good game.

  • This has to be my favourite game of all time. If it isn't, then definitely my second. There was practically zero marketing for it where I live, and it was at a much cheaper price than all the other games, so when my mother bought it for me, I was prepared to be disappointed. I actually bought this at the same time as Assassin's Creed (which I of course returned) and was so impressed I played it until I was sick of it. The way it creates an environment and place so real it could indeed be real is just astounding. And the graphics seem to never age. Ugh! Just can't get enough of it!

  • Got this not too long ago soon after it was released. Was wary of the sequel curse (enter Gears of War 2, Halo 2, Fable 2) and the fact that BioShock 2 had very, very big boots to fill - be too similar and risk attacks on being to tame, be too different and risk complaints about ruining the series. However, Rapture once again delivered a superb game, which more than lived up to the legacy of the original. Playing as the Big Daddy and little sister made my day and even the multiplayer kept me entertained for weeks.

  • After I saw the 4PP snippet featuring this game, I was determined to buy it! It looked so hilarious! Well I couldn't find it anywhere, but eventually one Christmas I saw the last copy in OUR COUNTRY in a bargain bin! Amazing! Snapped it up and gave it to my mum for Christmas - although I have probably used it more than her. So cute, funny and interesting all at the same time!

  • Bought this on a whim soon after it was released after seeing my entire friends list playing it. Good solid game, but not much to do after it was finished. And there was nothing in the vault. Just that alone made me return it - after I got all the achievements of course! Got re-gifted the GOTY edition for Christmas and loved the new expansions!

  • Or as I knew it: Shane Warne Cricket '99,the best cricket game I've ever played. The graphics were horrible, the physics and controls were rubbish, but I played that game so much it's astonishing! I'd press to hit the ball and the batsmen would just sit there, or I'd accidentally press run again and lose my wickets. Terrible but so very good. This is the time when I found out I loved statistics!

  • The most annoying game I've ever played. Oh wait I lie *remembers Dead Rising* the SECOND most annoying game ever. No wonder it doesn't have a page on here. Yet - I will remedy that! The coolest thing was the bugs, but I remember just hating on this game so much. Terrible graphics if I remember correctly too. Manual the size of a brick for such a bad game!

  • Not the best shooter I've ever played, and at times very disjointed with all the flicking back and forth to make sure you're not missing any skill shots, but it does bring a lot of new and cool ways to play to the shooter genre. The characters are a little too much like Gears of War's but overall, a fun and enjoyable, if not completely, over the top violent, romp through a dangerous outer-space environment!

  • Got this just as the third installment was coming out. I was like "Oh cool! Burnout 3 is going to have an aggressive mode?! Awesome! Oh well this is all I can afford right now. I'll settle for this." But settle I did not - I loved this game! I got pissed at times (as I did with almost every game!) but I remember the old Chevy and the police cars and speeding around crashing. Good times.

  • This. Is. My. Favourite. Racing. Game. EVER! You cannot beat this game! I seriously played this game for days and days. I played Runescape and had a girl on there confess she wanted to be my girlfriend (so innocent... ah), but I got the game the next day - by the time I'd finished playing it through several times, the girl had moved on and found someone else (two weeks was a very long time apparently!). Seriously, this game never gets old. In fact, the youth group I help out at has this on their Xbox! Of course I try not to whip the kids too much.

  • Comparatively to Burnout 3: Takedown, this game did not rock. The crash challenges were a joke and I think the step from relative fiction with cars crashing everywhere, to this more realistic approach really killed the game for me. However, I won it online along with a customized Burnout electric guitar (I don't play the guitar), so who am I to complain?

  • First played this at my youth group and our team narrowly beat out everyone else. I can remember thinking "Oh my God! I know the answer! Betty Davis Eyes!!!" and then dancing around. Then I played it at my cousin's and my dad hated he couldn't get any questions right, so there went that game...

  • Borrowed this game off my friend for a few weeks. Cruel I know, but it was quite fun camping out in the forest waiting for that pesky moose to wander by. At least until the wolf came up and bit your ass. I remember making one kill from miles and miles away and freaking out completely. Twas epic.

  • Looking back, the game wasn't the best, as I've seen with all but my most sentimental games (I've really found I look more fondly upon my old games which I was given over the ones I choose now), but I really did love the feeling of real war the game gave you. In a way, I'd never played a game like it before. I'd played Medal of Honor: Frontline, but this was leagues ahead. Got pretty good in the multiplayer and cleaned up too.

  • Dear Lord. Please deliver us from evil. Let us not covet the death of video game hosts. A gruesome death by throttling by their bow-tie. And let us not wish the premature euthanasia of their sidekick monkey. Even if it would please me to see him flagged as an AIDS risk and humanely put down. Amen... From the moment the little game host screams in his annoying the opening title, right until the final game you finish where he criticizes you for failing to beat the insanely difficult carnival games (on account of the bad Kinect compatibility and gameplay!), you will surely hate this game. If you do not want to murder all people inside the carnival (apart from Granny, who you love throwing your balls at lawl) then I will GIVE you a free whoopie cushion. To the face. And by that I mean I'll take a dump. On your face.

  • The game could be annoying at times, but it was fairly original to me. You can play as a minotaur?! Sold. Best of all, I could drive while my dad hacked others while riding in the back. Alas, he hasn't improved much in regards to gaming skills...

  • I'd originally borrowed this from my uncle on the computer. Being a huge fan of Age of Empires and the like, I loved it! However, I couldn't keep his game forever, so instead I got it for the PlayStation - probably one of the first games I ever bought by myself as a child. Not nearly as good in the graphics department as the computer version, but still as addictive. I never got off the ground with it as much as I did with the later Civilization III, and it was largely my dad who played it. And really, he played it - like all night, every night for years. So much so I now want to crack the disc this many years later.

  • Played this briefly while staying at my uncle's house, who liked to think himself a grand strategist. Dick. Obviously better than Civ II but very much outclassed by Civ IV which I was to buy for myself.

  • Probably the greatest version of Civilization ever conceived, with the exception of the very close Civilization V. Unlike Civilization II, this time around I WAS able to kick ass for once! I'd load up my majestic knights and riflemen and sally forth like the great scourge. My dad luckily never cottoned on how to play this game exactly - computer game you see - so I had this one basically to myself. Got bored after a while, but still one of my favourite strategy games of all time.

  • Bought this after seeing the quick look on the site and loving what I was seeing. So addictive and very beautiful, and much more tactical than other Civ games with the unit placement and city positioning. It certainly gets you thinking a lot more, but I can't help but feel they missed out by excluding a robust diplomacy system, and including a multitude of game-crashing glitches and several weird AI quirks. I mean one turn they're all declaring world war, then next they all want open borders. But this does little to distract from its overall beautiful and addictive gameplay.

  • God bless bargain bin game sales at electronics stores. Yet another great buy for under $30 - but of course the game was always on my radar because I love Civilization games. Extremely stream-lined, fun and good graphics considering it's a console game. Definitely one of those games which I can just pick up any time I'm feeling a bit strategic or bored. Bomber wings FTW.

  • One of my first Xbox 360 games. I'll admit, the game had good graphics, but when my parents bought it home as a surprise I thought to myself "WTF?". R-18 ultra-scary and something I'd avoided in the store. I played the first level most of the way through, but all my weapons kept breaking and I got eaten by those mud monster things. Returned the game not long after. Maybe now that I'm more experienced, and of course older, I'll re-buy it and give it a good go.

  • Out of all games, I probably have the most nostalgic feelings towards this game and the rest in its franchise. I'm pretty sure this was my first ever PlayStation game, along with Oddworld and Gran Turismo, and my first real incursion into my gaming life. Looking back on it now, there was only like three controls! So simple and yet so entertaining. I'd get stuck and get my friend to help me out (Damn you Slippery Slope!!!), but after a while he showed me the art of cheating and unlocks. Those blasted boulder dashes were horrifying! I still had the Crash Bandicoot series up until a few years ago when my mother told me to sell them for a bit of cash. Sad but I got nearly $100 for all five!

  • By the time this game came out, I was hooked. I was collecting those little Crash Bandicoot trading cards from the chippie packets, playing the games at my friend's house and talking about it for hours. Tiny Tiger was the man and I loved the new themes. I do remember one cheat where you had to bounce on that polar bear's head for hours to get extra lives - so funny...

  • By far my favourite game of the series. Something about it appealed to me deeply. I'd replay all the boss fights over and over and go around with my bazooka, blasting those weird looking guys. Dingodile, Dr. N. Gin and of course Tiny Tiger FTW. This was from a time when all the internet had was text-based cheat codes and hints, not walk-throughs or YouTube, so I'd print the cheats and go through them all. Never finished it I don't think. Back then I was quite content at half completing games and going back through all the fun bits again and again when it got too hard to go forward.

  • The first time I played this was at a friend's house. I remember him showing me the rules and how to play and us setting off. I'd never had so much fun in all my life - bowling balls and missiles?! Smitten. We'd go around on Nitro-Garden and place as many TNTs as you could and have deathmatches which would last for an hour. It was also one of the only games my mum and I could ever play together. So much fun - definitely the second best of the series.

  • Admittedly, not as good as the other Crash Bandicoot games by a longer stretch, but still reasonably fun. Never got to play as dragons! Damn! Still, had a lot of fun in all the different game types - you can't beat lining holes up everywhere so your opponent can only drop into meaningless space forever. My mum would play and kick my ass though.

  • The first Crash Bandicoot title of the PS2. Rented it out one day. Absolute rubbish. All I remember is rolling downhill in a stupid ball of something and having a terrible time playing it. Was a major let-down and put me off getting other earlier franchises on the new consoles for good.

  • Briefly played this at the retail store. Remember thinking it was pretty cool. Never amounted to anything.

  • Got this as an upgrade to Shane Warne Cricket '99. Loved all the new statistics and features, and even the bowling was half decent. But the batting was terrible and games would take just as long as real cricket. Too long in my opinion, especially when your batsmen are hitting it straight up in the air despite your best efforts for single figures! Crap.

  • One of the only non-clothing items my stingy grandparents ever bought me, and certainly the one and only video game they ever bought. Probably for anyone. Ever. Glad they disowned me! Because boy did this game suck. I remember getting so frustrated at it! Stupid Gobbos. I did like the settings and stuff, but it just wasn't as good as other platformers.

  • Disappointing, generic shooter with little redeeming features, especially with zero people playing it online after only a month of release time. Not much else to say really. Waste of $99.

  • A great selection of songs that will keep you grooving for hours! Although on easy, the dance moves look kinda static and out of place, if you change the difficulty to hard, you'll soon see dance moves you've probably witnessed on the stages of concerts! That's where the real value of the game comes into play, and you feel like you're actually ready to take on that nightclub.

  • One sentence sums up how much I like this game: Dark Souls made me want Skyrim less. After seeing Dark Souls online after previously hearing nothing, I just knew I HAD to buy it. It was during that awkward period of ending my university studies and waiting for Skyrim and Battlefield 3 to be released, and this not only filled the hole of boredom, but filled another I never knew existed in me. That hole was a gaping maw yearning for a great RPG gaming challenge. Dark Souls is simply not like any other game I've played - for never directly playing with another player, it has probably the best gaming community I've ever seen with the various forums and hints everywhere. It isn't a hack and slash like Oblivion was and it makes you think and explore and engage your brain, which is why it sort of brought Skyrim down off that pedestal for me. The developers tell you nothing and it's fun to explore a game truly with a sense of wonder and excitement.

  • I hate this game. I hate this game. I hate this game. I hate the people who made the game. I hate the people who like this game. I hate the people who are looking forward to Dead Rising 2. I hate Frank West. I hate the poor gameplay. I hate the small writing from Otis and his damn annoying calls. I hate the stupid AI. I hate the poor save-points. I hate the way everything you do has a f**king timer on it so you can never relax and play the stupid game! I hate how everyone thinks this is the best zombie game on the Xbox 360 simply because it was the first zombie game on the 360 and everyone craved the genre so much they canonized it on a big white pillar even when Left 4 Dead arrived to kick its arse! But most of all, I hate those f**king convicts in that m*ther f**king car ruining my m*ther f**king game!

  • A pretty scary game! Got it for my 360 after people had raved about it - was pleasantly surprised. If it wasn't for those blasted asteroids, I'd say this would be a perfect game! The quiet singing in the depths of the haunted corridors and floating body bits in zero-g ball will remain close to my heart forever...

  • Probably one of the first driving games I'd ever played. I don't remember being overly good at it at all, but I loved the "realistic" car damage feature and how it affected your driving. Man if I only knew about Burnout and Need For Speed...

  • Won this game online. I had sort of wanted it after seeing the trailer for it, but I just couldn't seem to get past the opening level before I got bored and quit out. Might try to play it through in the future.

  • Watched my friend play this and loved the idea of random weapons and endless dungeons. Bought it second-hand from the store and realized it was pretty shit. I mean, the graphics were plain atrocious. Plus the parents didn't like a 13 year old having such a demonic game. Made some lame excuse about it not working on my computer in order to get my money back.

  • The most vivid thing from this game that I remember is weird guys running around with rubbish bins on?! Hard to believe, but moving right along...I played this game a lot - I loved Greek mythology so naturally loved the Hercules film. And because I liked that and had recently gotten a PlayStation, it was only a matter of time before I got this. I even remember bonking the head of my glow-in-the-dark Pegasus puppet with my friend's in enjoyment. Got quite annoyed playing this game from what I remember, but I think I finished it once. Probably the first game I actually ever completed.

  • It's free. It's fun(ish). It's fairly easy. It gives you free gamerscore. Can be played online with your friends. It has leaderboards. What's not to like right? Well some annoying moments. But otherwise, not much!

  • Notorious of being the ONLY game I literally could not play any longer. Literally! I had to drop the control! Maybe it was just me though, because everyone loved this damn game! Poor graphics, un-emotive story, terrible, terrible combat, stupid micro-managing, terrible dialogue, those stupid characters trying to sell you DLC... The list goes on and on...

  • Couldn't get this to work on the computer, so I bought it on the PlayStation. From what I remember it was quite enjoyable until I couldn't pass the missions. Bloody sand worms eating my spice gatherers! Ah, I love building-games.

  • Can't remember if I had the actual game or a demo, but I played it for ages on end, so it must've been the actual game? Quite enjoyed it - was far superior to Pharaoh. Can't remember too much of the game, just that I had a bunch of fun with gardens and little merchants running around everywhere.

  • One of my favourite games of all time. There is just something special about it which no other game I've played really conveys (its' sequel included). Seeing those little love hearts pop up, or exploring a bandit filled area - it was all so awesome. I just wish I could've done more in it (you step on a flower and the world's view of you changes? Never amounted to anything!) but that said, Fable 2 was terrible in my opinion compared to this game, so maybe more wasn't in fact more. It's just hard to explain. Great game.

  • So from one of my favourite games of all time, to this, one of the most disappointing sequels ever. I'll admit, it isn't all so bad, but it's not a scratch on its' predecessor. I rue the fact that they moved the Fable franchise out of the Middle Ages and into the age of guns - it really removed all the mystery and allure. The fact that Fable 3 is set in the Industrial Age disgusts me further! So with a game focussed more on property than love like they built it up to be, the only real cool thing from this game was being able to have kids and name them something stupid like Letterbox (honestly, no kid is named that riight?) and the dog. But even he got annoying sometimes.

  • Decent arcade gambling game for a decent action game. About as much as you'd expect. Played it only long enough as to unlock all the concept art and then never played it again. Good controls, but failed to make gambling fun enough to make me want to play it.

  • The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion in space. But with some cool new features. Bought this not too long ago with all the expansions. Loved it. Great story, great atmosphere and some cool new features which make it a leg up on Oblivion. Waypoints can be annoying, but man is it scary! The first time I left the Vault and got bitten on the ass by a mole rat in the dark? Nearly shat myself. No, this is definitely a good game. Haven't finished it all, so don't know if it'll be able to beat Oblivion outright, but it's definitely good enough to step into a pair of boots of its' own. And the characters swear! Awesome.

  • Weird story for this one - I got Left 4 Dead 2 for my birthday. When I opened it, there was a redemption card in there for this game, but it had been scratched out and the code revealed. Thinking it'd been already used, I took it into the store to get a replacement. When I showed it to them however, they said they'd never even seen a voucher like that, let alone how it got scratched out and into my new game. Apparently it came all the way from America! So I took the voucher home, slightly confused as to how a used card got into my game all the way from the US, but decided to see if I couldn't use the code anyway. Amazingly, it worked! And that's how I played the game. It was only the Connect 4 part of the game, but I found it pretty fun. Maxed it out too. I later bought Battleships and Boggle. Which are also pretty good.

  • Got this during the twilight era of my original Xbox playing time. Rubbish campaign but the map building feature was a Godsend! I got so creative with it, I had about 20 maps! I couldn't play with anyone though (pre-LIVE and Halo 3 forge era) so it was just my dad to test them out. And he was terrible at versing me so I'd have to pretend he was beating me and my maps would got un-cherished. Sigh.

  • Got this early on in my Xbox 360 days because it was a familiar title. Looking now, it's probably one of the worst games I own. Terrible graphics, bad campaign and now even the map making process is ruined because no one plays this game online. I mean no one! Sigh.

  • Om nom nom nom nom. Apart from the damn little green fish which I cannot see on account of being colour blind, this game is a pleasure to play. Being the top of the food chain has never been more fun! *Game salesman pitch grin*

  • Spent the night at a youth group "sleep over". And I put quotes around sleep over because I don't think anyone really got any sleep. Girls were watching some teenybopper cartoon all night on full volume and everyone had built shacks to play cards in. Me and a friend took up residence in the arm chair playing on the PS2 and he was into soccer so this was the game we played. 5 am PS2 raids are not good for the next day.

  • Had a very good play of this in the store from a time when the Xbox 360 was just a distant dream. A dream made by me gazing longingly through game store windows, sighing, and then hoping my parents saw my theatrics. Good gameplay from what I remember. Sting like a butterfly... wait, that's not right...

  • Yay for early educational games! This game was one of my favourites - I remember making insane underwater mazes and getting chased by sharks and the like ala Pac-man styles. I didn't have any others in the series, but I always remember the title for this one.

  • Although it gets insanely frustrating later on, From Dust is actually pretty ingenious and a great game. Getting to the last level where you can create your own earth is reward enough, but I had already begun in previous levels, creating giant lakes and destroying my villages. I was a vengeful god. Yeah... I really shouldn't be playing these games...

  • Got this game on special after I got bored with Wii Sports. Boy is it fun! Tonnes of games, easy to play, but actually very sensitive to your movements. Lots of fun for the whole family - I've had family friends around numerous times to play and it's a real party starter. Bean bags and shuffle board are my favourites, amongst others. My avatar even looks exactly like me! Cool bananas!

  • Well I started off with a bit of a hatred for this game. I mean, completely free arcade? Awesome! Having to pay for the games and everything else which goes in it? BOOOO! HISSS! Especially when half the games are completely weird in that retro kind of way. Even like one or two free games would sweeten the deal, but nevertheless, I got my first arcade game and now I love it! Even though the graphics are terrible, there's something to be said for mindlessly blasting through hours of asteroids relying on reflex and willpower. Can never seem to find a good enough game to get the free mascot with though...

  • A hard game to master, but once I got the controls and how to play, I was off. Now I only use the chainsaw. Like ONLY use it. To the point I get negative feedback. Lame. Probably one of my favourite multiplayers of all time - campaign was good but not brilliant.

  • Campaign beats the original's hands down, but I couldn't even connect to the multiplayer with its' new server-based style. Because I'd clocked the campaign, there was no point keeping it, so out it went... Definitely a good game though if it weren't for those blasted meddling servers!

  • Horde mode. Beast mode. The multiplayer and campaign mode are good okay, but the player vs cpu modes are where the value of the game comes into play. There's nothing quite like being the last of your squad to face down a lambent berserker while the others watch on. I think if this game had the multiplayer of the first, the campaign of the second, the length of the third and the horde/beast modes, emotion and unlockables of the third also, this could've been the best game ever. However, I think it's a solid effort which I'll be happy to leave the franchise on. But damn, I miss my invulnerable chainsaw of Gears 1.

  • Probably one of my favourite games ever, but also the biggest pain in my arse because I was never able to finish it! Damn bloody water level! And then the series went to PS3 and was never seen again by my eyes. Shame. I love all that old mythology stuff.

  • I never finished the game, but I always remember the fond hours clicking away to an adventure in my favourite childhood world, Horrorland! I loved the book and this was just too awesome for me to resist as a kid. It even gave me my love of B-Grade horror movies, since you could watch trailers for some during the game. Ah, good times...

  • Played this ever so briefly at a party one time. A bunch of girls offered me the control and I had a go. Was fascinated because this was the first game I'd ever played where you could run people and terrain over! Didn't know what the game was (Which lead me to buying Wreckless: The Yakuza Missions by mistake) but figured it out years later.

  • Not as enjoyable as say Red Dead Redemption or other open world games, but very good all the same. Lots to do and see. Although some aspects can get annoying (combat and friends mostly!) overall, it's a worthwhile venture. And to be honest, it's not even that violent compared to other games I've played heh!

  • One of my very first car games. Never got too into the Gran Turismo series because it was too realistic - I'm really not one of those loser car fanboys who like adding name-brand mufflers to their remodeled BMW's - I'm more the type for unrealistic crashing and bashing. That's why I'm slightly disappointed that Burnout Paradise went the Need For Speed route rather than keeping unrealistic. Crappy controls from what I remember on the game too.

  • Although the graphics are a tad out-dated now, this game is still one of my favourites! A shooter with campaign length and a great plot! I remember looking at the trailers for this game and thinking "AWESOME!" when watching the gravity gun. Back then you just didn't see pieces of signs get pulled off and then used as a projectiles! It's scary and challenging and for all of the above, it will always hold a place in my heart as pretty much my favourite shooter of all time.

  • The first game I ever played on the Xbox. Weirdly, even though the game came with the console, I played it on the demo disc first. After the first few levels I immediately fell in love with both Halo and the Xbox. Everything about this game was new to me and enraptured me into the world of hardcore gaming. It's a shame the sequels didn't have the heart of this, but the game will always have a very special place in my heart.

  • Not as good as the first game by a long way, but still very good. It sucked in a way because it got rid of the pistol and assault rifle, but I guess it did give us the BR, so all good. I don't remember too much of the game, but I did play it a fair bit.

  • Oh Halo 3! Terrible campaign in some respects, but you totally make up for it with your multiplayer, especially Forge. The number of hours I'd spend rotating walls and making mazes and buildings was endless, and I was regarded by my friends as one of the best map makers they knew. Just not the best player - games usually involved me screaming at the screen because of lag and assh*les. On towards Reach I say!

  • This was such a horrible game. I don't know how some gaming informants get off giving it 8 or 9 stars out of 10. Firstly it should have been a DLC and a DLC only. Secondly, the campaign? Holy! It is soo bad! I've seen better plot in a block of edam! Seriously? The whole game's plot is that you have to rescue a floating balloon because he knows what the Covenant want on the planet? Which you already know because you played the previous games? Puh-huh-lease!

  • Well Reach is pretty good, but Bungie screwed up a lot of stuff I didn't want them to. Crosshair bloom? ANNOYING! Weird Forge controls? ARGH! I still get so angry in the multiplayer, so at least that hasn't changed! The campaign is definitely a huge step up from Halo 3, but it still doesn't capture the wonder on the original's. The new challenge system and rankings are great, but so damn addictive. It took me an extra few weeks to get the darn game outta my console because of all those challenges!

  • This is a game riight? I feel sorry for waypoint - I keep deleting it from my game history since I don't like having any games with gamerscore under three digits in my list. Not too much of a loss though; would hardly use it unlike some of my obsessed friends. And let's face it, EVERYONE has one of THOSE friends.

  • Hurrah for becoming a teen! I got this game in that awkward period where all those kiddy games you once liked now seem really lame. I got past the first few levels (then got bloody stuck on those dog things) and then realized it was like so waay beneath me like yeah like.

  • Came free with my Xbox 360 console. How can you beat good ol' arcade fun? Well, pretty easily, but I still do enjoy them immensely. Quite addictive.