My Top Ten 360 Games (in alphabetical order)

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  • Still the pinnacle of a story-driven game, Bioshock remains one of my most memorable games of all time. The number of times that the game made my jaw drop still has not been topped.

  • Forget about MW2. Call of Duty 2 was where it all started for me. It proved to me that first person shooters can be done well on a console.

  • Incredibly addictive, beautiful graphics, and endless numbers of dungeons to visit.

  • Enough can't be said about Eternal Sonata's impressive and lush visual style which shows what artistic design can bring to a gaming experience. That said, it's combat system was a perfect balance of turn-based tactics and real time action.

  • A visual knockout and THE reason why I bought a 360. Probably remains one of the best reasons to buy a 360.

  • GTA IV was not only a fun open-world game but carried an emotional resonance that was far greater than any other game in its genre, or even games as a whole.

  • An engaging single-player campaign and deep multi-player makes this game a complete package for both Halo fans and fans of shooters in general.

  • The perfect compilation of all things Marvel in a uniquely fun and creative package. The better of the two MUA games remains one of the best action-adventure games on the 360.

  • Arguably the best JRPG on the 360, ToV still interests to this day with its fast-paced and surprisingly deep combat, simple but attractive art design, likable characters, and interesting, if somewhat contrived story.

  • VIva Pinata proved that a family-oriented can not only be fun but also be incredibly addictive and tremendously satisfying even to the most hardcore of game players.