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My DirecTv service decided it wanted to stop working AFTER Sandy hit us. I missed the Giants game. But they lost. I'm sad, but the rest of the NFC East looks weak so I won't beat myself up over this loss. Problem is the running game has disappeared and without it, the GMen's passing game takes a hit. Defense has played solid though.

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Assassin's Creed 3.

Black Ops 2 is gonna be Game of the Year. C'mon guys, is it that hard?

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@thegoldencat7: I love that they're embracing it. The FGC has some funny ass dudes. I love it. Seasons Beatings Ascension was made exponentially better with the MC'ing of Chris Matrix and Peter "taterfiend" Rosas aka Combofiend.

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@Kerned said:

I've been using Android for a several years now, and I like it and I'm familiar with it. I don't know what it would take to get me to switch to iOS or Windows Phone, but it would have to be pretty dramatic. There is nothing about iPhone 5, for example, that made me think about switching. It seems like a nice phone, but just not worth the hassle of having to learn a new mobile OS.

It's surprising to find people who aren't at each others necks about which mobile platform is best, etc. It's why time and time again the GB community is the shizz, but then you run into comments like this:

@murisan said:

Apple would have to stop being complete douchebags with regard to copyright trolling and bullying. I don't see that ever happening though.

Good job, guy. How about we go back to trolling on the Gizmodo or Engadget sites?

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@stalefishies said:

OK, let me start by saying that, if you just pick on which one is the coolest, then that's totally subjective so when you pick Charmander because it turns into a fucking dragon, then I'm totally OK with that.

However, I don't pick Pokémon because they're the coolest. I pick them because they're the fightingest. And if you want to choose the most fightingest Pokémon, there's only one choice. Squirtle.

I recently actually replayed Pokémon Blue, trading as soon as possible to get all three starters, so I have a really good sense of how they compare to each other, and it's not even close; Squirtle is by far and away the best fighter out of the three.

If you're playing through the main game, the only real thing that matters is what attacks you have, what types those attacks are and how much damage do they do. Since you can just full restore everything else away, if you're not attacking, you're losing. In this respect, Charizard is pretty bad, and Venusaur is just plain awful.

Charizard has a few different moves at his disposal, but apart from Fire, all you're limited to is Fighting (Submission, with recoil, or Seismic Toss, which does fixed damage every time), Ground (Dig and Earthquake are both great), and Normal (Slash, or Strength for the HM). Sure, Slash and Earthquake are good, but when all you have left are recoil moves and Ember it really starts to suck. Did I mention Ember? All Charizard has for fire moves is Ember until Blaine for the Fire Blast TM or, at best, Charmander learns Flamethrower at level 38. Charizard's stuck with Ember until level forty-fucking-six. Trying to work your way through Silph Co with the same Fire move you were using 20 levels ago is just dire. And that's it; no flying moves, not even Fly which Charizard can't learn until Pokemon Yellow.

Venusaur is a much simpler affair; teach it Razor Leaf, teach it the Body Slam TM, and that's it. Mega Drain sucks for damage, Razor Leaf almost always crits so there's no point to Solarbeam, and Body Slam is the best normal move this side of Slash. There are no other options, all that's left is Toxic, Sleep Powder and Leech Seed, so aside from the Toxic/Leech Seed glitch there is nothing apart from boring status ailments or moves that are just straight-up worse than the ones you already have.

But Blastoise? You consistently have a fantastic water move (Bubble -> Water Gun -> BubbleBeam TM -> Surf or Hydro Pump), Earthquake and Dig are still amazing, Body Slam (or Strength if you want another HM) are great, and that final slot can be filled by Blastoise's pi èce de résistance: Ice Beam. (Or Blizzard if you love running out of PP.) Plus, the moves you learn with Squirtle are the only ones that actually seem properly paced with the game; Bubble for Brock, you learn Bite pretty much perfectly timed for the Misty fight, Dig for Lt. Surge, Ice Beam from the Celadon Dept. Store for Erika, Surf for Koga...it's the only one that actually works. Not to mention that Blastoise is the only one that could win in a fight between the three starters (Blizzard for Venusaur, Hydro Pump for Charizard). Seriously, anyone who thinks anything other than Squirtle is the right choice is just crazy.

Unless, like I said, you just pick Charmander because, after all, it does turn into a dragon. And I'm not here to judge you on your weird dragon fetish. It's all cool, as long as you're cool with your Pokémon being just straight up worse than mine.

I agree with every word you just said. Blastoise can learn so many moves including Blizzard AND Earthquake AND Fissure (one hit KO if it hits). I haven't played a Pokemon game since Ruby/Sapphire. That was until I got the Pokemon itch. I played and finished White Version, and I'm back in. I will be investing in White 2 and choose the Grass starter (I started with the doofy looking water starter in White, but his final form? One word: Majestic).

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Asura's Wrath

Binary Domain

and Madden 13. Yes, I said Madden 13. It's just that good.

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@Jack268 said:

Well, MGS4 and Tokyo Jungle are the only good exclusives I've found for the PS3, so I guess if you consider those two worth $300 then sure, it's not weird at all.


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@ajamafalous: My sister and I both yelled "FINE" when we saw that play. My dad was like, "where the hell are the penalty flags?" These replacement refs are making the games comical at times.

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eBay, but for that PS3 (I would assume it's either the One Piece edition or the Ni No Kuni) I think it's a good price. I've had my eye on the Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Edition PS3. The price on that one is still over $850. I'm waiting for it to go down in price.

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@Hailinel said:

@jakob187 said:

@ck1nd said:

Playstation is way too iconic for them to let go, it would seem like a new system to those that aren't in the loop (and that's a lot).

It's also a name that is now tarnished with too much bad press. Between the price at launch, the lack of sales for the first few years, and the massive hacking problem they had, the PlayStation 3 has soiled the name. They NEED to rebrand at this point. It gives them a chance at a complete refresh.

Despite all of that, though, I will almost GUARANTEE that they keep the same controller.

Are you kidding? This is finally the Batarang controller's time to shine!

Nope! They NEED to bring this controller design back (pre-dualshock):

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