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2009 in Review. AKA My Longest Blog Ever.


While 2009 wasn't the best year Ive ever had it was still on that I will remember for being the one that might have changed my life forever. With the introduction of something I havent been more passionate about in all my life, to me possible discovering my favorite musical artist ever. This blog will mostly be about my entire year of 2009 as a whole. Now I warn you as Im typing this, this will be a REALLY LONG blog. I mean im only trying this now in the beggining but I can already tell you that this will be a massive post. It is about 2009 mostly but it will also reveal a bit about myself. Including the type of movies I like, the music I listen to, and the type of person I am as a whole. So grab a snack and a drink cause this is going to be a read. Hopefully a good one at that.


I have always been a real picky person about the type of music I like to listen to. I listen to music to most people would say sucks, or music that people just dont understand. But hey, this is America so you can say what you want right? Im not into classic rock such as Rush, The Doors, or The Who. I have a strong opinion about country music in that it sucks. I also really dont like the Beatles. But that really isnt the point of this blog. Its about the music of this year. Now while there was songs I liked this year and ones I didnt, there is really one artist that stands out to me this year. Now I might not like all of her music she still stands out to me as the artist of this current year but is my runner up to the music I have been listening to this year. That person could only be Lady GaGa. Now before you start calling me out on this hear me out. I dont like all of her music, even though I will admit it isnt all bad. But seriously when you sit down and try to think of the biggest artist of the year in terms of media buzz, awards, and general radio play. Lady GaGa is the only one I can think of. I respect her as an artist. She is doing something different and in todays society that is exactly what we need.
Lady GaGa isnt my artist of the year though. The artist that I have been listening to has been around for years and infact didnt put an album out this year, but yet he is the only person I have been listening to. His name is Jamie Stewart. Better known as the lead singers of the band Xiu Xiu and former lead singer of a band called Ten in the Swear Jar. Now while he might be technically in bands, he is really the brains of those bands. He creates this weird, hypnotic, sound that takes over my mind with its strange melodys. His lyrics might sound extremely emo, and im not emo, but they just fit the sound of the music in the background to his voice. His voice is what really sells me on this music. I cant really discribe it so go google his bands cause Im too lazy to link anything. If you do go looking up Xiu Xiu though look up "I Love the Valley Oh!". Its a song that he wrote while in Ten in the Swear Jar and is really a cover of the version but it is still the highlight of his career so far.


This section of the blog is going to be the shortest because frankly, I didnt see many movies this year. I only saw a handful this year so Ill just list the ones that I saw from the year and write a small my thoughts on them.
  • Where the Wild Things Are - Probally my favorite movie of they. I grew up with the book so seeing a surprisingly mature version of it come to the screen was a really fantastic thing.
  • Gamer - Saw this movie on a whim with some buddies and you know what. It wasnt the worst movie I have ever seen.
  • Harry Potter 6 - Worst book of the series and the worst movie. Not a bad movie. Just my least favorite.
  • Transformers 2 - Fail. That is all.
  • Watchmen - I want to like this movie. I love the graphic novel and couldnt wait to see this movie. Seeing it the first time I was happy with it. Now that I own it. I just dont know how I feel.
Ummmm thats all I can think of.

Games I Played Or Am Playing That Need To Be Talked About.

There are really only 3 games other than my game of the year that I feel needed to be talked about because of a few reasons. One, I didnt get to play everything this year. Starting college this year really cut my funds down for games so the ones I did play I had to make a smart choice. Two, I just didnt really feel like everyone else did about that game namely Modern Warfare 2. I just dont really like that game. I feel like it has problems that I cant really overlook. Thats a whole blog that Im not going to talk about though so Ill move on. These 3 games stand out to me this year and are my Honorable Mentions in no particular order.
  1. Batman Arkham Asylum - Im a huge Batman fan. Ive seen every movie and think Adam West is a national treasure. So playing a game that dunked me in a pool of nerdgasim and pulled me out wanting more gets my thumbs up. The setting of that game along with the story, characters, and voice work make it shine as a game that I cant wait for a sequal to.
  2. Borderlands - I played this game back during the summer thanks to Giantbomb and the contest that Gearbox ran through them to have people go out and be the first people who were not press to play the game. Ill admit going in I had no idea what this game was about. I just saw that there was a contest with the prize being to drive 20 minutes from where I lived and get to play a game before anyone else and to get a tour of a game studio. After playing the game for around two and a half hours I was sold. So when the game finally came out I had my copy already preordered.
  3. League of Legends - Even though this game was basically a DoTA clone I didnt care seeing as I had never played DoTA before. So going into this free to play game I had no idea what to expect. What I got was intense hour long game sessions, tons of laughs, and the start of my phrase of 2009, "Your too hungry. Grab a snikers!" This game is soo much fun and for a person new to the DoTA style of gameplay it is a great intro.

Game of the Year: Street Fighter 4

 Street Fighter 4 was my first serious fighting game. I had played other fighting games but always found that they gave you too much information from the start. I mean, I dont want to be told every combo right off the bat. I like to learn. So games like Soul Caliber and Tekken never did it for me. 
Then I finally got around to trying SF4 when it came out and I instantly found that this was the type of fighting game that I could get into. Something complex when you really get into it but still is basic enough for people are just jumping in the first time. That why I guess I don't get what people mean when they say, "SF4 isnt noob friendly." I never got that feeling. I mean if you REALLY wanted to learn the game then those people shouldnt have a problem figuring out this game. Seeing as I was a noob to the fighting game genre as a whole, I should of had the biggest problem out of all thoughs people. SF4 didnt give me that feeling though. I just figured it out, as if it all fit into my head like it was meant to be done. I might have a natural talent for this crap who knows. 
I just kept playing and losing. Sure I got angry at me sucking for a while but I knew that it was only a temp. situation. I played people who were better than me, the same skill as me, and the occational flowchat Ken before I knew what a flowchart Ken was. I went through about every character in the roster looking for a main except for people with fireballs cause, you know, fireballs are for pussys. I finally settles on Gen after playing Rufus for a long time and dont want to look back. I might switch when Super SF4 comes out but that is the future. All I know is that im repping as the only serious Gen player in Dallas, Tx. and trying to furture my skills. I have gone to many ranbats, won some money for getting 2nd at one, got 17th out of 64 people at Dallas' biggest tournament losing to Buktooth and a random Honda player (fuck that guy. im still salty about that). Ranbats start up this weekend of this blog so wish me luck. I promise that Ill win this season's ranbat.


Im done typing. Really late here. Happy New Year. GET HYPE!

What you need to drive in texas.

2) I am a Texas resident and have never had a Texas license, what do I need to do in order to apply for one?

In addition to testing, all first time original applicants must visit a Texas Driver License office in their area and present and do the following:

  • Proof of Identity. 37 Texas Administrative Code 15.24.
  • Proof of Social Security Number. 37 Texas Administrative Code 15.42, Texas Transportation Code 521.044.
  • Proof of Texas vehicle registration and liability insurance, if you own a vehicle. Texas Transportation Code 521.143.
  • Complete required forms available at any Texas Driver License office.
  • Pay the required fee. 37 Texas Administrative Code 15.40, Texas Transportation Code 521.421.
  • Pass the written, driving* and vision examinations. 37 Texas Administrative Code 15.51, 37 Texas Administrative Code 15.52, 37 Texas Administrative Code 15.56, Texas Transportation Code 521.161.
  • Application must include photograph and thumbprints; however, thumbprints are not included on the driver license. 37 Texas Administrative Code 15.44, 37 Texas Administrative Code 15.45, Texas Transportation Code 521.142.

* Applicant must provide vehicle.    


What's wrong with my TE?

So after I modded my TE it worked fine for about 2 weeks then it started making this weird noise and started to feel funny. It only does this when it is screwed in. When I have stuff open it doesn't feel funny at all and doesn't make the weird noise. It comes and goes but comes more than it goes. Kind of like my grandma. I'm thinking it is either my switches being stupid or my spring in the stick is acting up. Someone help me out here. Its getting annoying. 

P.S. You might need to turn up your speakers. It is there. The joystick should only be making the clicking sound. Not that weird rough sound.
P.P.S. No it is not hitting the gate inside. That is just the sound it makes.

My experience with Jackie Chan in Fists of Fire.

So after all this talk about this game and then the quick look going up on the site I had to find me a copy. I did and played through arcade mode for about 20 minutes. 
 In that 20 minutes of playing I don't know what happened to me. It is as if I got taken over by the spirit of Jackie Chan and he told me to keep playing this game. This game is so legit that I might cry.
What I recorded is uncut with the audio echoing because of the software I was using to record made it so. I don't care though, the game play is what is important.


Dallas Ranbats and My Modded Stick (lots of videos)

I recently went to two Dallas Ranbats called FIGHT CLUB!. Thrawn told me about it so shout out to him for giving me the heads up. The first time I went I played like shit. I mean I was clearly not playing as I usually do if you had played me before. I didn't notice it while I was playing but when I saw the footage I was kind of disappointed in myself. I had lost to Balrog, which isn't my worst match up, in the top eight. This in turn knocked me out of the tournament. I wasn't in losers cause they run the tournament Swiss style.
If you are not sure what a Swiss style tournament is, it is a type of tournament were everyone plays 4 games. Based on your record of wins and loses you are paired with people with similar records. This goes on until everyone had played 4 games, then the top 8 people with the best records make it to the quarter finals and onward. These matches are played in a single elimination best of 3 games even for the grand finals.
The first time I went I lost in my 2nd fight in top 8. This is the match in question were I was completely mind fucked for some reason. I wasn't nervous so that wasn't it. (I know the quality sucks but the next videos look way better)

Thrawn though had a great match against Rufus that I feel needs to be posted.  He is Honda.
Last Friday I went to the Ranbat knowing what I was doing wrong and knew what I had to be doing to not look like a fool. I won all my matches except against a guy who was playing Chun Li. Now if I have played with you more than once it is more than likely I have told you I have no fucking idea what to do against her. Its mainly because there isn't really any info on it on the web and I haven't fought very many Chun Li's.
Here are the matches I fought in order of when they happened. 
Me vs Rufus (same one that fought Thrawn)
Me vs Bison and Balrog
Grand Finals vs Geif and Chun Li (good shit dude. That last combo was sweet)
On another note, I finally got my stick modded the way I wanted it. With only the straight buttons and with custom artwork. Shout out to foodchaiNN for making the art for me. I'm really happy with it.

 Yup. Pretty Sweet.
 Yup. Pretty Sweet.

SpecialBuddy vs Stang Casuals

So I finally got around to recording some matches with Stang and let me tell you some dumb ass shit happened during these matches. I gave away so many matches just because I could. But whatever, that is what casuals are for. Enjoy and comment if you want.  Check the playlist.
I would like to point out the dumb auto correction that happens in the second round of the first match after Stang's super. I went for the ultra to finish the match but I turned around and went on to lose. Fruit Unicorns to you game! (ultima gets it)


Absolute Battle, Final Round, and Gen talk.

It is 4:00 Am on Saturday morning and I have yet to go to sleep even though I have a pretty busy day tomorrow. I'm listening to that hip hop that the kids be listening to and I really want a Philly Cheese Steak. Perfect time to make a blog about Street Fight don't you think? I would of made this a video blog if my web cam wasn't being gay.
Ive been thinking about my Street Fighter "career" a lot lately and have had some things going on or are going to happen that are pretty exciting. Mostly random thoughts about Super Street Fighter 4 and how I'm TOTALLY stocked and want it now. Lobbies+Me recording= WIN!
Thoughts about a tournament I have coming up in December in Dallas (Richerson to be exact) called Absolute Battle and thinking about how I can prepare for it so I'm playing at my best. Ive already noticed tons of flaws in my game and I'm trying to improve on it. I'm not sure what kind of player we have in North Texas seeing as Ive never played any really good ones. I am worried about the people that come up from Austin and Houston cause arcade players scare me. I'm not ready to walk into the tournament and the guy be like, "Ok your first match is against Four Wude" even though I did beat him in championship mode once pretty bad.  Ill try to get my cousins to record my matches cause they are coming to watch me play so expect that.
More importantly if you people dont already know that Final Round is coming up in March live from Atlanta, Georgia. Even though it is far away in date and in distance from were I'm at I still need to start preparing now. Travel arrangements, spending money, registration, and all that junk needs to be taken care of now so I'm not behind when the time comes. 
As of right now it will be Me, Gambit, LordofUltima, WestAB, and a guy from SRK, BlueGuile, are going as a group to Final Round. I'm already thinking of things to do so we can share with the site what Final Round is all about. Some ideas I have are:

  • Streaming the practice session from a camera, not a recording devise, so you guys can hear us talking and what not.
  • Taking general footage from the event and most likely outside of the event.
  • I know that this most likely wont happen but I think a podcast of some sort would be cool. No clue how this would work though.
The problem that might come from Final Round is if SSF4 come outs more than 2 weeks before Final Round they are planning of replacing the old version with that one. So I'm worried that Ill be random out by some Juri player and that would piss me off. So I'm actually hoping if it does come out in Spring that it does it after Final Round.
Now the main topic, I'm having a tough time with Gen recently. I'm noticing that I cant win against some that Ive played more than once consistently. I'm having that thing were if the guy figures out how to fight Gen then I'm completely screwed because of Gen's limited options. Because of this I have decided if they don't really buff him in SSF4 that I will be quitting Gen and moving onto one of the new characters. Ill be keeping Gen as an alt but Ill be moving on when it comes to a main. I love Gen to death (no old man homo) but he just doesn't do it for me sometimes (again, no old man homo). He nnneeeedddss a better anti-air and he needs better zoning abilities. If they gave him that then Ill keep playing him. Hell! Ill keep playing him if they just make him better in general. Other than that Gen is still beast.
Well I'm done ranting. Its 4:30 am on the dot. GGPO people.

SpecialBuddy vs JR Rodriguez

So I got an invite from the one and only JR the day before yesturday and we played a first to 10. There are three things I learned about him: 1) He loves that super 2)He has a thing for CAP LOCK 3) That guy is a beast. 
During some of the matches I was thinking to myself "Man I got this round" and then he would pull a demon out at the perfect time and I would lose.
He took this video so props to him for recording. Final Score 10-2 JR.

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