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Dallas Ranbats and My Modded Stick (lots of videos)

I recently went to two Dallas Ranbats called FIGHT CLUB!. Thrawn told me about it so shout out to him for giving me the heads up. The first time I went I played like shit. I mean I was clearly not playing as I usually do if you had played me before. I didn't notice it while I was playing but when I saw the footage I was kind of disappointed in myself. I had lost to Balrog, which isn't my worst match up, in the top eight. This in turn knocked me out of the tournament. I wasn't in losers cause they run the tournament Swiss style.
If you are not sure what a Swiss style tournament is, it is a type of tournament were everyone plays 4 games. Based on your record of wins and loses you are paired with people with similar records. This goes on until everyone had played 4 games, then the top 8 people with the best records make it to the quarter finals and onward. These matches are played in a single elimination best of 3 games even for the grand finals.
The first time I went I lost in my 2nd fight in top 8. This is the match in question were I was completely mind fucked for some reason. I wasn't nervous so that wasn't it. (I know the quality sucks but the next videos look way better)

Thrawn though had a great match against Rufus that I feel needs to be posted.  He is Honda.
Last Friday I went to the Ranbat knowing what I was doing wrong and knew what I had to be doing to not look like a fool. I won all my matches except against a guy who was playing Chun Li. Now if I have played with you more than once it is more than likely I have told you I have no fucking idea what to do against her. Its mainly because there isn't really any info on it on the web and I haven't fought very many Chun Li's.
Here are the matches I fought in order of when they happened. 
Me vs Rufus (same one that fought Thrawn)
Me vs Bison and Balrog
Grand Finals vs Geif and Chun Li (good shit dude. That last combo was sweet)
On another note, I finally got my stick modded the way I wanted it. With only the straight buttons and with custom artwork. Shout out to foodchaiNN for making the art for me. I'm really happy with it.

 Yup. Pretty Sweet.
 Yup. Pretty Sweet.