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#1 Posted by SPeedy26 (42 posts) -

anyone able to DL the game client?

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@whyareyoucrouchingspock said:

Spoiling the Mass Effect ending is doing the world a favor.

yeahhhhh.... no

mad at the ending I'm guesssing

bad end doesn't = I can spoiling for everyone

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@intoblivion said:

Never liked them, won't be giving them money.

I never really liked their stuff due to not playing minecraft but thought they were ok.... or Lewis at least

I thought Simon was ok until.... he spoiling Mass Effect 3's ending in the Gamestation podcast he guest stared in out of fucking nowhere for no reason..... and gets paided to do it

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#4 Posted by SPeedy26 (42 posts) -

yeah just got my $150 ready for that April 10 pre-pay

this is my first Collectors addition btw :p the book sold me on it

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#6 Posted by SPeedy26 (42 posts) -

@selfconfessedcynic: my bad :P

should I delete this post then?

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sounds great I still can't believe some ppl in the GW2 community thinks this will bring back the holy trinity........

about the respec thing it makes since imo because traits are suppose to be a choice with weight (and you can add more weight if theirs a little effort you have to go through to change it) but not have that "much" impact allowing you to not worry about it too much if your not using the weapon you trait-ed for I mean if you look at a trait and compare it to a skill the skill's are usually much better they remind me of perks from fallout 3 they seem to be in the game to help players fell a tad more unique. I know I'm gonna trait sword mastery on my warrior and never remove it even if I'm not using a sword (ha like that would happen)

can't wait to see if it works (I believe it will)




my 3 main's builds


my alt's build....kind of wired I have 3 mains and one alt :P

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#8 Posted by SPeedy26 (42 posts) -

I'd love to apply for an officer gig :P

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#9 Edited by SPeedy26 (42 posts) -

@Benny: @selfconfessedcynic:

I'm with ya on that exept for the age limit thing I knew alot of young ppl in my old guild much more mature than the older ppl :P, Yeah we could do a 3 strike policy but I have great fate in the bombcomunity.

btw the sever tanfer complaints just proves how much assholes like that don't even have basic reading comprehensionsince you get a home sever for WvWvW pvp but you can be a guest on any sever and do pve along with your friends on any other sever (somthing wow should do imo)

infact I rember ppl yelling "how dare GW2 do micro transactions the first GW didn't/this isn't wow" ....... yeah

well sry for ranting just needed to release this rage to ppl who know whats going on (since family and friends aren't that in to mmo's)

on good new it's spring break :D, so I can get back to work on that damn video lol

oh and welcome to the guild new guildys

@RobbieMac said:

@supamon: Yeah it is kind of unfortunate. We will have to see how it works at release and I can see how if others weren't contributing that could be unfair to the other members.

@JustKamToo: Of course. Everyone has a right to play the game the way they want, that goes without question. Though conflicts/issues could arise when a member spends an entire week at another guild and then switches back to representing our guild when we get the perk that increases drop rate (an example). So a balance would need to be met in some way.

yeah seems like well have to work out something although I believe we should reward those who contribute the most without punishing those who just jump around as long as their not abusing something (like acting like a jack ass), but yeah as long as we don't impose a "you can only be in our guild rule I'm open to some suggestions.

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#10 Posted by SPeedy26 (42 posts) -

grrr just finished reading some posts from guild wars 2 Guru..... not to be mean but their are some pretty dumb ppl their they believe the trait system = the holy trinity...... an some that believe saying "your games not fun" as constructive criticism honistly I think I lost a few brain cells reading a few of those comments (not that I'm saying Guru does have some awesome ppl)

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