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Summer Has Become A Busy Time For Me.

I know that it has been ages since my last blog post and I am truly sorry for that. It's just that the summer time has become my busy time schedule wise which has surprised me most of all. But now my schedule has calmed down to where I can start writing again periodically now, which I am relieved about. So starting this upcoming week I will try and do at least one or two posts a week. I am sorry it is so few now when I used to promise you one a day when I started doing this. It is just that I have become a busy man. I have actually seen an interesting offer for doing blogs like these in a sort of Article form, mostly known as editorials in a sort of web magazine called the Luchazine. The offer seemed pretty tempting. I might just send them some sample pieces from my blog posts here and see what they think. Overall I think the idea of the magazine is great in itself. And I would think it wold be a great way to put out my thoughts like I do in my blog posts here into editorial pieces on the magazine, but that also depends on if they even like my sample pieces in the first place. But like I said and getting back to my original point, I will be returning to writing blog posts on here on a regular basis again. They will mostly, if not all, will be gaming oriented, whether it's about anything in the gaming scene or anything that is about me that relates to games.