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The Fear Of Casual Games

With the release of the new I-pad and all the talk about it on here, Giant Bomb, and its affiliated site, Tested.com, I wanted to talk about new forms of gaming. I hear a lot on how people are afraid of if the way people will game is going to change. With Facebook games and I-phone and I-pad games, if since those are becoming surprisingly successful and are at low cost to make, that if this is going to change what is going to be available to us in the future. People are afraid that the focus of gaming will change from the consoles and PCs to Facebook and I-phone games.
What I want to start out with is to clear something up. We are not afraid of these games changing platforms. What we are afraid of is that our games will become almost strictly "casual". Now i quote casual because I don't think it has been clearly defined yet. A game can be casual in different people's minds. Someone who only plays and needs to play a certain game a few hours a day is probably considered a casual game to them. But Someone that is constantly playing that game non-stop all day would like to consider that game deep to them or maybe even a hardcore game because that is what they see in their eyes. Now back to my main point here. What we really are afraid of are our games in the future all sliding towards becoming casual to appeal to a wider audience of becoming a more successful game with a larger sales outcome. Now I think that this is a reasonable fear to have. I mean with the Farmville popularity who can argue? And now we are gradually seeing other developers slowly sliding over to this prospect of Free-To-Play or casual games.
Now with this argument above I'm going to really choose the other side as what I truly believe. I don't think we have anything to worry about with this new craze with the new platforms. I really think that is all this is. I think these are new platforms opening up to us that developers are jumping on. I think that this is exactly like what happened to us in the past. In the past people favored most shooter on the PC. It was a common known fact that a shooter was much more suited on the PC than anything else. But eventually developer, namely the Bungie crew, tried out a shooter for Xbox. It became one of the most popular shooter on consoles and PCs alike (it came out on the PC later on). So now shooters are much more widely accepted on the consoles, but PC gaming is still going fine. So I think if history is going to show us anything I think it'll show us examples of what to expect in the future for gaming because I think that gaming generations are just cycles of the same thing really. We will probably have new innovations each generation, but nothing will really get deleted out of gaming.
So all in all I don't think we really have anything too much to worry about. Instead be excited for these new platforms and just imagine what can come of it. "New" has always been in gaming. And "new" doesn't mean change. So have fun with your new I-pads because I think that is where you'll have our new quality games come to. And I think all we have is innovation to look forward to in the future of gaming.
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