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The Need to be the Hero

This blog post today is gonna be a shorter one I think. This one is going to do with a lot of what I was talking about yesterday of how morality systems in games work. I think this one is going to be shorter is because a lot of what this blog post is going to be about is already said in my post previous to this one. It may also be because I may not have as much time on my hands during the mid-week to write lengthier posts.
What I wanted to talk about today is something that I hinted at a bit yesterday. That is that in morality systems you are given a choice in games. And that choice is that during certain parts of the game do you want to make a good choice or an evil choice. Usually in the game you have multiple opportunities to make a decision to pull your character to one side. This kind of game I think interests me more than any other kind of game out there. That's because the game's outcome is usually what you want it to be whether it's good or bad. So when I get excited about a game like this I ask my friends how they played the game because I know that it would be different from mine because everybody plays these kinds of game differently, right? The shocking this is that they really don't. My own play style is that if there are multiple endings to a game then I would play the good side first and after I've seen that, then I would see what some of the other ones are whether they are less good or just plain evil. The surprising thing is that that is how most everyone I've asked plays. Everyone would play the good side then play the evil side. Now what I'm wondering is that if this is how most all gamers play then why is that? Now I know that now everyone plays this way of course. I can definitely bet that there are some people out there that play the evil side or or even the evil side only.
Now when I wonder why a person would do this I have come up with a couple of different theories. One is that everyone wants to be the hero. No one ever wants to be the bad guy in the movie because he never wins. From this I guess that it's just human nature for us. One of my other theories is that because most of us have played so many video games in the past that we've been trained to become a hero. What I mean by this is that in most games we play we ultimately become the hero as the character. By the end of the game we save the love interest in the story and probably the whole world or something. The thing is that that is usually the end result of most all games we play, unless the whole point of the game is to be the evil character in the game to rule the world, but that is a every small majority comparatively. I wouldn't exactly call this like training for the mind of other games as it is more of a force of habit.
Another thing that boggles my mind is that what we see even less than choosing the evil side first is that we don't see any mixed decisions of characters. What I mean by that is that we don't see anybody that would maybe make a decision that would best suit the situation. We would only see people make all good decisions or all bad decisions in  game. We don't see anybody, for example, help this person out because we will feel good for it and then kill this next dude because he was an asshole to you. You just don't see anything like that anymore. It's just interesting to me that people are almost in a way playing by the guidelines of the game of being only all good or all evil. I really believe that if you were to just play a run through a game and making the decisions you want to make as a player and a person, then i think you would have more fun then than any other time you've played that game. But again you can confuse what you want and in your best interests with the want to be the hero. But again that's just human nature.
Wow. That was a shorter one compared to my other earlier blog posts. Okay, well this next part is for all the people new to my blog post. This blog that I am doing will have new and interesting posts will be going up daily. Yes, each and every day. It is becoming a little harder to do one every day so I may eventually be doing one every other day. But for the time being expect a new one each and every day. And please feel free to comment on them. Please tell me if you agree or not on what I've written. Thanks for reading.