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Favorite RPGs on the Xbox 360

These are my most favorite RPGs I played the Xbox 360.

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  • This is probably one of my first RPGs I played on the 360 and is still my favorite.

  • My most recent RPG I have played and still awestruck by it.

  • I have rented this game probably 4 times and still have not beat it. I've also rented this game so many times because it is so good.

  • This was my first Dragon Age game with turn-based combat and fantasy put together. Was not disappointed.

  • The game I was most excited for because of Bethesda and Oblivion. The DLC that came with this game made it probably one of my most favorite RPGs ever.

  • Another great game as its predecessor was my first RPG on the Xbox.

  • This was a revolution for me as the first RPG game with real time-combat with guns great game back at its launch.