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Definitely Tetris - I always lumped it in with games like Bejeweled, which I never liked, so I never gave it a chance. Finally tried the Tetris Effect demo and enjoyed the flow between tension and release way more than I thought I would. When the demo ended I started playing the NES version of Tetris and still had a really good time with it so it's safe to say any future Tetris releases will be on my radar.

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First, sorry if this has already been posted about before, I did a quick search and didn't find anything.

On the latest All Systems Goku, Jeff and Dan mentioned that they're nearing the end of DBZ Kai and hinted that when East links up with West, they may discuss what to do once they're finished with Kai. I've been thinking of what they could do after Kai and I'm curious as to what everyone here wants/thinks they'll do next. IMO, what makes DBZ such a perfect show to do a podcast about is that it isn't all serious, it has a ton of genuinely hilarious moments to riff off of, especially all of the wrestling parallels. As well, DBZ is also a universally beloved, mainstream anime - if you know anything at all about anime, you know Dragon Ball Z and I'm not sure I know of any anime fan who DOESN'T enjoy the show. As the kids would say, it's got clout.

So what do you think they could do after Kai is finished, if anything at all? The obvious choice is the original Dragon Ball - it's a little more light-hearted than Z but still has cool action sequences, it's also within the Dragon Ball series so it makes perfect sense to choose it. Another option is Dragon Ball Super, which I've only read but if the anime is anything like the manga, it would be a great choice to pick up on after they're finished with Kai. I know there's also Dragon Ball GT but I only caught a few episodes of that years ago and have been told it's not good at all so I don't have much of an opinion on it.

So original Dragon Ball and DBZ Super are the most obvious choices, but I was also thinking of what other anime ticks the same boxes as DBZ as far as its popularity and its combination of both great action and comedy, the only one that I feel comes close is Yu Yu Hakusho. I think with its characters and plot, it has enough to be a fun series to watch along with Jeff and Dan.

FWIW, I don't think they'll ever do a non-Dragon Ball related podcast and it makes sense for them not to, but what do you think they should do after Kai? What do you want them to do? More Dragon Ball? A different anime entirely? Or do you think they should quit while they're ahead and stop after Kai?