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Game of The Year 2014 Users Choice

Wow, did I really play so few 2014 games? It must be, as I combed through the 2014 list on Wikipedia and only created a list based upon what I've played. A second factor would be the large Steam library of games that are unplayed and/or was never quite finished. December 2014 also marks the month that I tipped over the 400+ games mark. Send help!

On the 3DS front: Still not regretting my decision to play through the Castlevania DS games in the first half of the year. They still hold up as great games, in my opinion. Played through A Link Between Worlds, that was a superb nostalgia rush. Only had to look up 1 thing. And to end the year, I'm back on the Animal Crossing: New Leaf train after moving away from it for a year.

On the Flash/Unity front: Too many games. Too many delightful timesinks have been unleashed this year. I blame Kongregate.

List items

  • How can this edge out Transistor for the #1 spot? It may simply be because I finished it and wrung it out of everything it had to offer while with Transistor, I probably got 90% - 95% done and then something else distracted me. Then there's the point where Valiant Hearts is an incredible story set during World War I, a setting you see very rarely and generally not outside the wargaming sphere.

    Combine that with a lite puzzler, gameplay that mixes it up enough to keep you from getting tired of the game, and bite-sized pieces easily taken in one sitting or over the course of a week puts it just a smidgeon higher than Transistor for me.

    <3 Walt

  • I need to get back to Transistor. I just know I'm about to the end of it and Transistor deserves better than the state I left the game in.

    As the next game from Super Giant Games, how can this not be one of the best games of the year? A unique and defining art style, enthralling soundtrack, deft and humorous writing and a gigantic canyon deep combat system are combined for an experience that was pure fun for every minute I spent with it.

    If I had to pick Soundtrack of the Year, Transistor would be it. Between the regular OST and the Enhanced OST, so much love. Very happy anytime it comes up randomly on my playlist.

    <3 Hum button

  • The last Batman combat style game I played was Arkham Asylum. Having now played Shadow of Mordor, I have to wonder how well Arkham City and Arkham Origins will hold up. The fluidity of combat is an incredible draw for Shadow of Mordor. Once you get a bit of time to better understand the system, it makes you feel like an unstoppable Uruk killing force and is a joy to achieve that everytime. The graphics and the world would only be "just another open world game" if it wasn't set in the midst of Mordor and have an endless stream of combat encounters to unleash you upon.

    Also blah blah blah procedural user created stories. The systems that shape the world, especially the Nemesis system, lead to many tales you can craft for yourself. Whether from a good or bad outcome to you, plenty of moments that will have you shaking your head and smiling/laughing about or the WOW! exclamations because that just happened.

    This is also another game on the "To Complete" list for me. But I know it'll be a blast to get back into and wrap up.

    <3 uh, uh, uh, uh, uh

  • I lost a good chunk of November because I started playing Diablo 3 again. I definitely blame some friends who love to play Hardcore Seasonal. And I found myself hooked once again to the loot clicker that is Diablo.

    Whatever exactly makes up the formula that keeps you clicking through the world of Sanctuary, Diablo 3 is still the best at it. While I've upped the gamble via Hardcore Seasonal play, the thrill of Diablo 3 hasn't dulled in the slightest.

    <3 all the loot

  • The last time the FPS arena shooter was shaken up and evolved was Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Titanfall does this by giving the modern FPS player the speed and mobility that leads to a more intense and adrenaline fueled game. This is a great change from the ground plodding nature of modern time shooters.

    Add in the monstrous, yet fragile, Titans, a variety of maps that all feel different, and a sharp look to the graphics that still plays and looks great.

    <3 the bot crunchies

  • Binding of Isaac but everything is just better. The game plays better due to running on an engine that doesn't bog down as you have more objects on screen. Which leads to a better experience. The change to additional room sizes is a nice touch. Plus there are even more items to find and use!

    If you are a fan of Binding of Isaac and don't have Rebirth, get it!

    <3 Lord Gamblor

  • The move from a lane-based tower defense game to a 3rd-person shooter probably surprised everyone and left a pessimistic feeling about if it would be any good. Surprisingly, PvZ:GW comes across as a solid shooter with each class having fun abilities for both sides. It leads to a fun time with friends family or even some drop-in and play periods. The PvZ theme remains strong and helps contribute to a unique look and gameplay.

    <3 the PvZ-ness

  • I am not a heavy Demon/Dark Souls fan. I definitely enjoy what it brings back to the gaming sphere in the exacting gameplay and delving into the unknown. Conquering every boss feels like an achievement and successfully working your way through an area like a landmark on your map through DSII.

    Barely scratched the surface and need to dive deep back into the Dark Souls well.

    <3 YOU DIED

  • I have not put enough time to get real far into Child of Light. But the art, sound design, and mechanics are simply incredible. It begs further time spent and to be seen to completion. Valiant Hearts and Child of Light makes me look forward to more Ubiart releases.

    <3 ?

  • The ups-and-downs of every Nidhogg match makes for a enjoyable game to not only play, but also to watch. 2 players, 5 screens, an epic tug of war waiting to happen.

    <3 fencing

  • As a fan of Costume Quest, I looked forward to another game in that neighborhood once the news of Costume Quest 2 was released. Sadly, I've only managed to get an hour in and know I'll spend many more if I ever get back to it.

  • While not a 2014 release, it finally came out for PC in 2014 and that's a platform I have. A wonderful time spent on interlocking puzzles that lead to lots of Ah hah! moments and slowly working my way through each puzzle.

  • A solid MMO game which may have too little content or variety. I sunk 100+ hours leveling 2 of the base classes which was plenty enough for me. Something to revisit if it is still around in a few years.

  • Tried more due to having a Crunchyroll subscription, recently finished watching Bleach, needed another long running series and being able to watch One Piece from Episode 1. I get the feeling that it's more inline with a Monster Hunter game with a One Piece theme but I'm not sure with that comparison having never played a Monster Hunter game. I do think the meat of the game is about teaming up with 2 other players and tackling quests.

  • Meh.

    This might be influenced by playing a ton of War of Omens, but Hearthstone is too in love with it's presentation. You play a card or take an action and you're stuck waiting 3 to 5 seconds or more before you can do something again. Every time. You will get no disagreement from me that Hearthstone is an incredible game from every standpoint but not drawing me in.