Education Run Part Three

Wow, it's been a long time since I updated this series of blogs. Since my last update I've moved to a different city, driven up and down the Easter seaboard twice, started classes, played a ton of video games, and, unfaithful whore that I am, started another blog series. But that's not why we're here. We're here to talk programming, and in those last few weeks I've managed to get a bit done even despite all the other crap I've had going on. I'm now working with a friend of mine, who lives back home (meaning we have to do most of our programming collaboration over Skype) on learning the C++ language, and surprisingly enough, even though I failed that class way back in high school I'm still remembering a fair amount of the vernacular. We've started using several websites, which I'll link to below, and also a book, Beginning C++ Through Game Programming, Second Edition. I believe there's a third edition available now... yeah, there is. We've found these resources to be incredibly helpful in getting re-familiarized with the terminology and the basics of the language. Right now we're working on putting objects into our program and using code to manipulate them.

We've also been talking about simple games to make, and have settled on a few ideas. The most basic is simply a button on the screen, which you'll click to advance your score. There'll be a timer counting down from 60, and after the 60 seconds are up it'll save your high score for later. Then there's the slightly more complicated ideas, like a word game or a shape-based puzzle game, or even a basic strategy game for when we want to practice with making AI.

Some helpful sites: