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I'm Giving Away Steam Games!!!

2011 was a massive year for games, and most of us have had more than a few slip under our radar. Well Giantbombers, this holiday season I've received tons of games and other goodies from Steam's holiday shenanigans (as well as a few duplicate games from friends and Redditors gifting games on Steam,) and I'm going to pass the duplicates on to you. If you'd like a copy of any of the games listed below, all you have to do is leave your preferred game in the comments of this post. I'll choose one person at random on the night of December 28th and send a PM asking for your Steam ID, at which point I'll send the game to your account. Consider it my way of showing appreciation for the great community here at Giantbomb. Thanks, good luck, and see you all in the new year!

UPDATE: Wow, I never thought I'd get this many people commenting in here! Thanks for all the love in the posts, but I'm afraid the time has come to choose just one person to receive each game. If your name is by the game, you should have a PM in your inbox from me already. Enjoy the games everybody.

Oh and if for whatever reason someone can't accept their game, I'll choose another person at random. Everybody should receive their gifts by tonight. I have work in the afternoon but will send them when I get back. Now without further ado...

  • Deus Ex Human Revolution -
  • Caspized -
  • Bulletstorm -
  • Bastion -
  • Renegade Ops -
  • Blocks That Matter -