So I'm Making a Card Game...

Hey duders - So, I posted a forum topic about this a while back, but after many many years of lurking around GiantBomb and the gaming industry as a whole, I have taken the plunge to making my own... tabletop game! Yeah, not quite what GiantBomb is all about, but I know there are many like me in the community whose love affair for games goes beyond just the ones we can play on our consoles or PCs.

Almost a decade ago I came to GiantBomb when the homepage was just a list of news stories, videos and reviews. Seeing Jeff, Ryan, Brad, Vinny, Drew, Dave, Alex, Rorie and all the others really lit some kind of spark in me. Seriously, I look back on those old days watching How to Build a Bomb, Flight Club Quick Looks, etc. as some of the best and most formative moments of my life. The sheer chaos of it all just speaks to me, I guess.

I've worked at a couple of startups since then, chasing the same kind of "oh God are we really doing this" rush, but ultimately it came time for me to do my own thing and branch out. That's why I started HobbyHorse Games, LLC. We're currently working on a card-based tabletop RPG called Firelight, set to launch on Kickstarter July 11.

This post is just to let you all know how grateful I am to the GiantBomb community for exposing me to the crazy world of starting a company. It takes a lot of guts to do that, much less to post videos of the whole process on the internet (cheers to Danny and Drew's new ventures, btw). I might not have ever gotten here had the whole GB crew not taken that initiative. So cheers, y'all, and as always: <>

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